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 The Prophecies of Michel Nostradamus(1503-1566) contains in all 958 quatrains (cf. Vérifications Historiques des quatrains prophétiques de Michel Nostradamus aux seizième-vingtième siècles; La Première Partie: Au Seizième Siècle, Introduction §1. La totalité des Prophéties de Nostradamus; 958 quatrains), whose two thirds, namely about 640 quatrains are already interpreted with success, though not completely,  at least in finding out their principal subjects in relation to the world history of the 16th-20th century by our predecessors in the previous centuries as follows:

16th century: 45 quatrains by J.-A. de Chavigny (1594).

17th century: 20 quatrains by Jaubert (1656), Garencières (1672) & Guynaud (1693).

18th century: 15 quatrains by Le Roux (1710), Anonym, La vie et le testament de Michel Nostradamus (1789) & H. D. (1800).

19th century: 270 quatrains by Bellaud (1806), Bouys (1806), Barest (1840), Torné-Chavigny (1860-1862), Le Pelletier (1867) et al.

20th century: 290 quatrains by Vignois (1910), Nicoullaud (1914), Larmor (1925), Wöllner (1926), Centurio (1953), Robb (1961a,b), Fontbrune, father & son (1939; 1980, 1996),  Ionescu (1976, 1987, 1993), Dufresne (1989-1998), Guernon (1999-2000), Ovason (1997) et al.

If we take in consideration the notice of the author: "I have computed and calculated these present prophecies in all according to the order of the chain which contains its development of the all by means of astronomical doctrine and according to my natural instinct."(Dedication to Henry II), 318 (= 958-640) undeciphered quatrains must fulfill the chain of the chronological order of the quatrains already solved at least concerning their subject. This means two things; the chain should be prolonged forward, or else be completed retrograde.

And according to my experience of having discovered many quatrains interpreters attribute to our future already effectively and historically accomplished, I determined to find the solutions of the remaining quatrains strictly in the domain of our historical data.

At last, I arrived at the conclusion concerning the numbers of the quatrains distributed respectively to each century as follows:

16th century: 233 quatrains (§1-§233).

17th century: 79 quatrains (§234-§312).

18th century: 131 quatrains (§313-§443).

19th century: 287 quatrains (§444-§730).

20th century: 219 quatrains (§731-§949).     

Ex-century subject: 9 quatrains (§950-§958).

Of these, this Blog in English « Nostradamus Anthology » will take in consideration Part III: the Post-Napoleonic Ages, i.e. §588-§949 (Chapter I the 19th century (1821-1900): §588-§730. Chapter II the 20th century (1901-2000): §731-§930. the Grand Finale §931- §949); in fact Part II: §342-§587 refers to the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte, of which the former will be treated by my Blog in Japanese « 歴史詩人Nostradamus » (§342-§410) and the latter by my Blog in French « Heroica Napoleona » (§411-§587), and Part I: §1-§341 will be treated by my Blog in French « Poète Historique Nostradamus ». 

Briefly speaking, the average density of quatrains per year of each century reflects its politico-dynamical characteristics from the view point of the Prophet:


16th century: 233 quatrains /(1555-1600) = 233/46 = 5.1: the age of French civil wars whose commencement the Prophet himself testified. 


17th century: 79 quatrains /(1601-1700) = 79/100 = 0.8: the age of stability under the grand king Louis XIV.


18th century: 131 quatrains /(1701-1800) = 131/100 = 1.3: the age of stability under the long reigns of  Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI except under the Revolution, which partakes 100 quatrains,  76 % of 131.     


19th century: 287 quatrains /(1801-1900) = 287/100 = 2.9: the age of the grand vicissitudes of France and Italy, the two countries with which  the Prophet  concerns himself  most diligently. 


20th century: 219 quatrains /(1901-2000) = 219/100 = 2.2: the age of the world-wide unheard-of  catastrophes.      


General average: 949/(1555-2000) = 949/446 = 2.1  


Plan of the Blog « Nostradamus Anthology »: 

Chapter I: the 19th century (1821-1900); §588-§730.

Chapter II: the 20th century (1901-2000); §731-§930.

The Grand Finale; §931-§949.


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Koji Nihei Daijyo

Author:Koji Nihei Daijyo
We have covered 143 quatrains (§588-§730) concerning the World Events in the 19th century after Napoleonic ages [1821-1900] in the Prophecies of Nostradamus, and 219 in the 20th [1901-2000] (§731-§949).

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