§ 594.The prince of Condé found hung

19th century:
§594. The last of the princes of Condé found hung (1830.8.27): I-39.

At night in his bed a supreme person strangled,
Because of having too much supported the blond elite.
Three parties shall suffer the usurped empire,
A certified card shall put him to death, a packet being not read.

(De nuict dans lict le supresme estrangle
Pour trop avoir subjourné, blond esleu,
Par troys l'empire subroge exancle,
A mort mettra carte, pacquet ne leu.)

Keys to the reading:
suprême: Le plus élevé en valeur [the highest]. Le dernier [the last] (avec une idée de solennité ou de tragique) (Petit Robert);

A supreme person: the last male member of the family of highest rank, i.e. Louis-Henry-Joseph, the duke of Bourbon, prince of Condé (1756-1830);

subjourner: Séjourner, Lat. subdiurnare, Rester longtemps à la même place (Petit Robert):

subjourné, blond esleu: Séjourner sous le blond esleu;

the blond elite: The duke of Bordeaux, blond and king elite by the double abdication of his grandfather Charles X and his uncle Louis XIX (the duke of Angoulême) August 2nd , 1830;

subroge: metaphor of usurpé (usurped);

exancle: Lat. exanclare, to suffer, to endure;

carte: A certificate.

« By night, in his bed, the last of the Bourbons-Condé shall be strangled, because of his having been too long loyal to the young King with blond hair, a King elect by the abdication of his parents. The power usurped by the tutor (Louis-Philip) shall be objected by three parties: the legitimists, the Bonapartists and the Republicans. A testament shall cause the death of the prince of Bourbon-Condé» (Torné-Chavigny, 1860, p.28).

Indeed, his testament, forced to make a year before by his young mistress Baroness of Feuchères engaging Louis-Philip to take her under his protection in exchange of gaining an advantageous one from the prince, left all of his properties to the next to the last of the sons of Louis-Philip, the young duke of Aumale, and several millions to Madame de Feuchères» (E. Dentu, 1861,p.9-12; p.6).

And his parcel of private manuscripts shall never been read in public. In fact, all the circumstances of his death having been evidently against the conclusion of suicide by the justice under the royal authority, the feigned papers half burned are found in the fireplace of his chamber thoroughly checked in vain in the morning, for the first time later in the evening by the secretary of the king, seemingly announcing his determination of suicide, instead of the real, authentic and undamaged documents of the prince containing naturally his explanations of pretended "suicide" (E. Dentu, id.,p.19-20).
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