§708 MacMahon, partisan of the Tricolor, checked the restoration of the monarchy in White (2) (1873.10.29): VI-35.

VI-35 (§708):

Close to the Top, and near the white wool,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo Virgo:
Mars, Jupiter, the Sun shall burn the grand plain,
Woods and cities, letters sealed up with wax.

(Pres de Rion, & proche à blanche laine,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo la Vierge:
Mars, Jupiter, le Sol ardra grand plaine,
Boys & cités, lettres cachés au cierge.)

NOTES: Rion (Top): « In Greek, the summit of a mountain.» (Torné-Chavigny, 1870, p.217) « ῥἰον, any jutting part of a mountain, whether upwards or forwards; hence, peak; headland.» (Liddell & Scott) « Ƥἰον, Rhion, name of various promontories, in Achaea, in Etolia, etc(Bailly). This word is also an anagram of ROI, KING. Therefore, this is to mean the throne (Top) of France.

The white wool: = The white flag of the ancient regime of France. « The legitimacy of the white king…» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.222)

Close to the Top, and near the white wool: Expressing the French political situation where the restoration of the monarchy in White is near at hand.

Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo Virgo: By the enumeration of these zodiacal signs, « Nostradamus gives the epoch of the events the quatrain contains. The peak of the Mountain of the reds (Rion) [the Revolutionaries] appeared, on the 18th of March when the Sun was going to enter Aries (March 20). We shall be “ near the white wool ” when the Sun shall leave Virgo (September 22).» (Torné-Chavigny, id.) The omission of Gemini between Taurus and Cancer seems to indicate that there are a gap of two years between a group of Atries and Taurus (1871: the Paris Commune and its defeat under Thiers’s administration) and that of Cancer, Leo and Virgo (1873: MacMahon in presidency), and also that the following Mars, Jupiter constitute a kind of Gemini.

Mars, Jupiter: = The Duke of Broglie and the Count of Chambord, the latter being the chief of the elder branch of the Bourbons and the former the representative of their younger branch; in fact, the image of Jupiter as the Top of the Heaven becomes Henry V, on the other hand that of Mars fits the vice-President Broglie as a distinguished political fighter. 

« Influence of the Duke of Broglie. MacMahon, originally legitimist, having served the two revolutionary monarchies, and lived as a military foreign to the politics, was disposed to conduct himself as parliamentary chief of State. But, timid and modest, he felt himself ignorant, and left his ministers to manage the affairs. The power passed to the chief of the coalition [of all the parties of the Right], the Duke of Broglie, an Orleanist who had refused to join the Empire. He had on the conservative majority a personal influence, by his speech, which, though handicapped by a harsh and nasal voice, was, under the academic forms, biting, disdainful, very strong in attack -, still more by his talents of parliamentary tactician, skilful in the negotiations in lobby among the allies and in the maneuvers in session against his adversaries. Nominated vice-President of the Council, he instantly formed a ministry with Orleanists, two Legitimists and a minister of the Empire, Magne (for the Finances).» (Seignobos, 1921b, p.361)

The Sun: = The President of the French Republic MacMahon, the Sun being the principal of the Heaven.

The Sun shall burn the grand plain, Woods and cities: President MacMahon displayed his strong opinion about the national flag to be adopted toward the special commission of the National Assembly [which connotes the entire France: the grand plain (= the metropolitan France), woods and cities] that it should be the Tricolor: « MacMahon, according to Broglie’s advice, made a declaration “as an echo of the impressions of the entire army”. “ They argue about the substitution of the Tricolor by the white flag. I believe it my duty to give you a warning. If the white flag is raised in place of the Tricolor and if it occurs that the white flag is hoisted by a window in contrast with the Tricolor floating opposite, the chassepots will shoot of themselves, and I could not be responsible to the order in the streets, nor to the discipline in the army.”» (Seignobos, 1921b, p.217).

Letters sealed up with wax: The manifestos and letters of the Count of Chambord denying the Tricolor: « I will not leave the standard of Henry IV, of François Ist and of Joan of Arc snatched up out of my hands.» (Manifesto of July 6th 1871. Seignobos, id., p.321); « I do not raise a new flag. No one, under any pretext whatever, shall not obtain of me that I consent to become the legitimate king of the Revolution.» (Manifesto of January 29th 1872. Seignobos, id., p.341); « I cannot consent to inaugurate a reparative regime by an act of weakness. It is in mode to oppose the firmness of Henry V to the dexterity of Heny IV... I would really know what a lesson the fully audacious imprudent could have won to persuade him to disavow the standard of Arques and of Ivry…» (Letter dated 27th, disclosed 29th October 1873. Seignobos, id., p.374).
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