§ 596. Charles X chased to perish in exile

19th century:
§596. Charles X after conquering Algeria chased to perish in exile (1830-1836): IV-84.

A great of Auserre shall die very miserable,
Being chased by those who have been under him:
Tied in chains, then by a coarce cable,
In the year when Mars, Venus, and the Sun settled in summer.

(Un grand d'Auserre mourra bien miserable,
Chassé de ceulx qui soubz luy ont esté:
Serré de chaisnes, apres d'un rude cable,
En l'an que Mars, Venus, & Sol mis en esté.)

Keys to the reading:
Auserre: = Auxerre, the capital of the department of Yonne in France;

A great of Auserre: Charles X with the merit of aggrandizing France by conquering Algeria, proper names of place in Nostradamus often used to suggest some common concept by their etymological, phonetical or inferred connotation: here, Auxerre in relation to a Gk. Αúξη (Auxē), augmentation, enlargement, stands for that meaning (Torné-Chavigny, 1861, p.256);

Tied in chains, by a coarce cable: Cf. The father among the cordes of rush (Le pere entre cordes de jonc) (§592, X-92);

Mis en esté: Se mettre en été = To clothe oneself in summer wear; Mars clothed in summer wear: the French troops in expedition to Algeria in summer; Venus clothed in summer wear: Women elegantly clothed in summer wear; Sol clothed in summer wear: Charles X in need of fortune, Sol mis en esté connoting at the same time the hot season of the year.

«Charles X, King of France aggrandized by incorporating Algeria with his own heeds, shall be chased by those who have been his sujects, and die miserably in Goritz, having no private fortune, after having wandered various countries. Being tied with the Charter, he shall then be caught in the new chains, in persisting in holding his gouvernment hostile to the Charter supported by the Chambers. This revolution shall take place in summer (July 1830).» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.256). At that time the French troops are to be in expedition to Algeria, ladies and girls in France clothed elegantly in summer wear and Charles X in need of fortune.
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