§714 The foundation of the Basilica of Montmartre (1873-1919): IX-87.

IX-87 (§714):

By means of the filled up quarry of tufa,
In the deserted place shall be founded the temple,
The duke of Estampes by his invented ruse,
Shall give an advanced example of the mount Lehori.

(Par la forest du Touphon effarree,
Par hermitaige sera posé le temple,
Le duc d'Estampes par sa ruse inventee,
Du mont Lehori prelat donra exemple.)

NOTES: Vignois (1910, p.344) gives us a reasonable solution: « In 1873, they commenced the construction of the basilica of the Sacré Cœur [the temple] upon the rarely frequented plateau of Montmartre. Its foundations were masoned in the profound wells which had been hollowed out vertically down to the solid ground through the gypsum quarry [quarry of tufa] of the knoll. These wells recall the oubliettes whose inventor was the ruse King Louis XI [the duke of Estampes] who left its model [example] in the castle of Montlhéry [le mont Lehori].».

Forest: = Ouverture (opening) (Vignois, id.); = Lat. « foratus, m. piercing, boring » (TanakaH).

Touphon: « In Greek τοφιών, carrière (quarry), plâtrière (gypsum quarry).» (Vignois, id.), the capital initial T suggesting the proper name of Montmartre: « Montmartre, a village of France (Seine) on an eminent hill called la Butte-Montmartre (the Montmartre Heights), whence one can command a view of the capital in its entire extension… They exploit there a number of gypsum quarries.» (MacCarthy).

Effarrer: From the Latin effarciō: « effarciō → efferciō;  efferciō (de farcio) bourrer (to stuff), remplir (to fill).» (Nimmo).

Hermitaige: = « Ermitage (hermitage).» (Dubois).

The duke of Estampes: = Louis XI: « Louis XI procured the county of Estampes which François I set up as a duchy.» (Vignois, id.).

Prelat: « advanced » (Vignois, id.).

Donra: = donnera (Vignois, id.).

Du mont Lehori prelat donra exemple: = [Il] donra exemple prelat du mont Lehori ( He shall give an advanced example of the mount Lehori).

donnera (Vignois, id.).

A subscription for the Church of Sacré Cœur: « A subscription was opened since 1870, with the benediction of the pope, to construct a church consecrated to the Sacré-Cœur on the summit of the Montmartre Heights, where the founder of the Company of Jesus, Loyola, had joined together his first companions.» (Seignobos, 1921b, p.364).
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