§719 The modern Mausoleum in Paris (1885.5.26): IX-74.

IX-74 (§719):

In the city of Fertsod homicide committed
And committed many times not to immolate plowing oxen,
Returning to the honors of Artimisia
And to Vulcan consecrating dead bodies.

(Dans la cité de Fertsod homicide,
Fait, & fait multe beuf arant ne macter,
Retours encores aux honneurs d'Artemide
Et à Vulcan corps morts sepulturer.)

NOTES: In the city of Fertsod: = in the city of Paris filled with vices, Fertsod being composed of « fert, it produces » and « Sodom », i.e. « what Sodom produces = vices » (cf. Vignois, 1910, p.399).

Homicide committed And committed many times: The crimes in Paris were apparently very numerous according to its extremely large population in the end of the 19th century.

Arer: = to plow (Godefroy).

Macter: = to immolate (Godefroy).

Not to immolate plowing oxen: « They voted the Grammont law in favor of animals [the law of July 2nd 1850] just as in Athens where it was forbidden to immolate plowing oxen.» (Vignois, id.).

Returning to the honors of Artimisia: « They came back to Artimisia’s comportment and to the manners of the Convention in consecrating the Pantheon to great persons. Artimisia, Queen of Halicarnassus, constructed for her spouse Mausolus a grave which was one of the seven marvels of the world; and the Convention dedicated the Pantheon to the persons of great merit.» (Vignois, id.). « The decrees of May 26th [1885]: The first decree. Art. 1st. – The Pantheon is rendered to its primitive and legal destination. The rests of the great persons who merit the national recognition shall be deposed there. The second decree. Art. 1st. – Following the obsequies ordered by the law of May 24th 1885, the body of Victor Hugo shall be deposed in the Pantheon.» (Vidieu, 1885, p.5-6)

And to Vulcan [God of fire] consecrating dead bodies: « It was permitted to cremate the deceased in place of burying them » (Vignois, id.) upon the law concerning the liberty of funerals (the law of November 15th 1887). « The crematory furnaces of the Père-Lachaise » (Larmor, 1925, p.261).
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