§726 President Carnot stabbed to death (1894.6.24): V-17.

V-17 (§726):

By night the king passing near a tortuous throng,
One of Cypress and principal waylays:
The king having scarcely escaped the blow along the Rhone,
The conspirators are going to put him to death.

(De nuict passant le roy pres d'une Andronne,
Celuy de Cipres & principal guette:
Le roy failli la main fuict long du Rosne,
Les conjurés l'iron à mort mettre.)

NOTES: Andronne: « Romance: a tortuous road, a way that winds » (Vignois, 1910, p.428), with another sense of « Greek: ἀνδρῶν (andrōn, of men, of the people) ». Therefore, it could mean in entirety « the tortuous throng », which fully suits to the expression: “ the king passing near a tortuous way ”, namely, “ the king passing near the tortuous crowd”: « The President of the Republic Carnot stayed in Lyons to inaugurate the festivals of the exposition; passing by night in car through the crowd, he was killed with a blow of knife by an Italian anarchist… » (Seignobos, 1921c, p.179).

Cypress: « a funeral tree.» (Vignois, id.).

One of Cypress: An assassin.

Principal: An assassin as a principal.

Here is a full interpretation by Vignois (id.): « A little after nine o’clock in the evening, at the close of a banquet offered to Mr. Carnot by the city of Lyons, the presidential procession was formed to go to the gala representation of the Grand-Theatre and advanced slowly amidst the enormous crowd. Mr. Carnot was in the first vehicle. All of a sudden they saw him pale and weigh down: an individual, approaching the landau, had just struck him with a dagger. A cry sprang out of the crowd:“ The President is assassinated ! ” They rushed upon the murderer whose action had been so rapid that none hadn’t intervened. Without the energetic attitude of the police, they would have lynched him. Mr. Carnot was immediately brought back, in traversing and running along the Rhone, to the Prefecture: the liver was perforated and all of hope lost. At thirty-eight past midnight, he breathed his last.»

The conspirators are going to put him to death: « The French anarchists were only a few, but, in attacking the public powers, they played in the political life a role disproportionate to their number. The anarchist Vaillant threw from the heights of the galleries of the Chamber of Deputies a reversal bomb that caused only insignificant wounds (December 9 [1892])… Vaillant, condemned to death, was executed; the anarchists were menacing to revenge him if President Carnot would not pardon him. » (Seignobos, id., p.175-176). 
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