§727 The congregation of the fathers of Assumption (1879-1900): III-61.

III-61 (§727):

The great band and sect of crucifers
Shall be founded in Montpellier:
Its light company of the near river,
Which a certain law shall regard as an enemy.

(La grande bande & secte crucigere,
Se dressera en Mesopotamie:
Du proche fleuve compaignie legere,
Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.)

NOTES: The great band and sect of crucifers Shall be founded in Montpellier: « The Congregation of the Fathers of Assumption, founded in Montpellier by the Father d’Alzon.» (Vignois, 1910, p.448).

Mesopotamie: = The city of Montpellier, situated between the two rivers: the Lez in the east and the Mosson in the west.

Its light company [its branch] of the near river [ the city of Paris near the Seine], Which a certain law shall regard as an enemy: « The Congregation constructed its siege in Paris and created there, toward 1879, a daily political journal, soon very spread, carrying the name and the image of La Croix (The Cross). The government made search, on November 13th 1899, the premises of these religious, prelude to a judicial action in virtue of the article 291 of the penal Code, about to be abrogated, forbidding the associations of more than 20 persons. The public prosecutor having read before the audience the seized letters, in which the religious congratulated themselves on the election of several deputies, Mr. Motte protested against a proceeding that scattered the names of thirty-one deputies supposed to be elected by the Assumptionists as food to the press; the discussion made disclosed how great was the animosity that animated the majority of the members of the Chamber against The Cross. On January 24th 1900, the court of petty sessions of the Seine condemned each of the sued Fathers to a penalty of sixteen francs and pronounced the dissolution of the Congregation. The journal passed into the hand of a great industrial of Lille, Mr. Paul Féron-Vrau.»
(Vignois, id.).
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