§ 598.Three days' fighting

19th century:
§598. Three days' fighting; Maneuvers of Louis-Philip (1830): VI-95.

By the detractor calumny made upon the next born,
When the enormous and martial facts shall happen:
The least partaking of the power with elder Bourbon dubious,
And soon the partial groups shall be in power.

(Par detracteur calumnié à puis nay,
Quant istront faictz enormes & martiaulx:
La moindre part dubieuse à l'aisnay,
Et tost au regne seront faictz partiaulx.)

Keys to the reading:
The detractor: Louis-Philip;

the next born: The duke of Bordeaux who was born after the death of his father, duke of Berry;

the enormous and martial facts: Three days' fighting on 27th-29th of July, 1830;

the partial groups: The groups of Louis-Philip, of Talleyrand and of De Lafayette.

When the enormous and martial facts happen, by the detractor calumny made upon the next born: «The duke of Orleans protested in the Morning-Chronicle, November 1820, the birth of Monsieur the duke of Bordeaux, Charles-Ferdinand-Dieudonné, legitimate son of Her Royal Highness Madame the duchess of Berry, etc., etc. This protestation having its resoundings at the Tuileries, the duke of Orleans at once presented himself there, denied it and protested it; in 1830, he avowed it, moreover published it in the official journals.» (Torné-Chavigny, 1860, p.21) (§597, VI-84).

The least partaking of the power with elder Bourbon dubious: «The princess Adelaide was regarded as having a great range of ideas, and above all grandiose ambition in favor of her family. So she was ever occupied in assembling by his brother the people whose opinions or interests alienated themselves from the elder branch of the Bourbons. It is under her influence that the party was formed, proved entirely ready when the revolution of 1830 occurred (Feller).» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.22) (§597, VI-84).

And soon the partial groups shall be in power: «Louis-Philip and Talleyrand, these two conspirators, judged that the time had not yet come. Louis-Philip owed the greatest part of his force to his ability of knowing how to wait. In the meantime Louis XVIII died (Al. Dumas).» (Torné-Chavigny, id.). «M. De Lafayette waited his royal visitor on the landing of the Town Hall (1830)... The situation was grave and solemn. This step Louis-Philip was to take in going to demand the sanction of the people in the palace of the people, it was an entire, complete and eternal breaking off of the monarchy with divine right, it was the crowning of the fifteen years' conspiration, it was the consecration of the revolt in the person of a prince of blood (Al. Dumas).» (Torné-Chavigny, id.) (§597, VI-84).
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