§ 601.Usurpation by the Orleans

IX-35 (§601):

The blond line shall be secluded, and Ferdinand
Shall leave the flower to follow the Macedonian.
In case of great need he shall lose his way,
And march against the Myrmidon.
(№ 10)

(Et Ferdinand blonde sera descorte,
Quitter la fleur suyvre le Macedon.
Au grand besoing defaillira sa routte,
Et marchera contre le Myrmidon.)

Keys to the reading:
Ferdinand blonde: Le nom d'un masculin n'acceptant pas de qualificatif féminin, les deux mots sont à part (The two words are irrelevant, the name of a masculine (Ferdinand) disagreeing with a feminine qualifier (blonde)), d’ailleurs dans l’exemple: « Le blonde » (§574, II-67) « Blonde est une forme masculine attestée (TL).» (Brind’Amour, 1996, p.290).

descorte: The feminine of « descort, adj., en désaccord (in discord); détaché (detached).» (Godefroy);

blonde sera descorte: This constructs one phrase in accordance in French, blonde and descorte being feminine.

Myrmidon: In Greek mythology, one of those who were transformed from ants (Gk. myrm
ēks) into humans by Zeus granting the prayer of Aeacus, a pious king of the island of Aegina whose population had been devastated by a fierce epidemic (cf. Torné-Chavigny, 1860, p.17).

« The blond hair (the duke of Bordeaux) shall be deserted by Ferdinand of Orleans, the eldest son and presumptive successor as Ferdinand Ier of Louis-Philip entrusting him with a regiment. He shall leave with his force the fleur-de-lis to follow Philip of France, marvelously resembling that Philip of Macedonia, who, tutor of his nephew, deprived him of his throne. Philip shall abandon the way he should follow when the blond hair is wanting most the aid of the Orleans. He shall make march the revolt toward Rambouillet against the little king God-Gift and child of miracle.» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.14) « The spouse of the duke of Berry, victim of Louvet in front of the Opera in February 1820, already mother of three children, whose the two born dead and the rest female, was going to give a baby ready inside her next September. It is not without reason that the contemporaries have named the duke of Bordeaux God-Gift, child of miracle, and that the Prophet has named him Myrmidon.» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.17)
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