§757 Bolshevik secret police and Red Terror (1917-1921): IV-18.

IV-18 (§757):

Those well versed in spiritual things
Shall be reproved by ignorant governors:
Punished through the Decree, chased as criminals,
And put to death where they’ll be found.

(Des plus letrés dessus les faits celestes
Seront par princes ignorants reprouvés:
Punis d'Edit, chassés, comme scelestes,
Et mis à mort la ou seront trouvés.)

NOTES: Letré: = lettré (lettered).

Those well versed in spiritual things: = The materialistic Bolshevik conception of the Russian former people in general imbued with Orthodoxy. The interpretation by Ionescu of the phrase as “the sage and the men of culture, the initiate in the mysteries of the superior world” (Ionescu, 1976, p.434) is too specialized.

Princes ignorants: = « Ignorant governors » (Ionescu, id.)

Sceleste: = « Criminel (criminal).» (Huguet).

Those well versed in spiritual things Shall be reproved by ignorant governors: Punished through the Decree, chased as criminals: « The most disturbing and, from the historical point of view, important characteristic of the Lenin terror was not the quantity of the victims but the principle on which they were selected. Within a few months of seizing power, Lenin [ignorant governor] had abandoned the notion of individual guilt, and with it the whole Judeo-Christian ethic of personal responsibility. The watershed was Lenin’s decree [the Decree] of January 1918 calling on the agencies of state to ‘purge the Russian land of all kinds of harmful insects [as criminals]’. This was not a judicial act: it was an invitation to mass murder. Many years later, Alexander Solzhenitsyn listed just a few of the groups who thus found themselves condemned to destruction as ‘insects’. They included ‘former zemstvo members, people in the Cooper movements, homeowners, high-school teachers, parish councils and choirs, priests, monks and nuns, Tolstoyan pacifists, officials of trade-unions’ – soon all to be classified as ‘former people’. Quite quickly the condemned group decree-laws extended to whole classes and the notion of killing people collectively rather than individually was seized upon by the Cheka professionals [ignorant governors] with enthusiasm.» (Johnson, 1991, p.70).

And put to death where they’ll be found: « On 23 February [1918], the Cheka published in the Pravda the following precautious order: “The Cheka has been moderate until now in its struggle against the enemies of the people. But now that the hydra of counter-revolution, encouraged by the attack of the perfidious Germans, are being revealed more insolent every day, that the world-wide bourgeoisie are ready to suffocate the avant-garde of the revolutionary International, namely the Russian proletariat, the Cheka sees itself in the obligation to put an end to the maneuvers of the counter-revolutionaries, the espions, the speculators, the criminals, the hooligans, the saboteurs and other parasites in exterminating them pitilessly even upon the place of their misdeeds [put to death where they’ll be found]. The local sections of the Cheka have been charged with smelling out the enemies of the Revolution and liquidating them pitilessly without more ado”.» (Lewytzkyj, 1968, p.26); « Djerzinski declared at a press conference: “We will maintain a regime of organized terror, it is an absolute necessity, an ineluctable consequence of the Revolution. We oppose the terror to all the enemies of the soviet government, in order to exterminate on the spot the crimes with their roots”.» (id., p.34).
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