§773 Mussolini, Pius XI and Hitler (1929-1939): VII-24.

VII-24 (§773):

The buried shall come out of his tomb,
Shall make bind the strong of the bridge with chains:
Shall be poisoned with the roes of a barbel,
A great of Lorraine by the Marquis of the Bridge.

(L'ensevely sortira du tombeau,
Fera de chaines lier le fort du pont:
Empoysoné avec œufz de barbeau,
Grand de Lorraine par le Marquis du Pont.)

NOTES: The buried shall come out of his tomb: = When the sepulcher of the great Roman found (§772, III-65) = At the foundation of a new sect, The bones of the great Roman shall be found, The sepulcher of marble shall appear covered (§777, VI-66): « The profound cause of the birth, the development and the end of the Fascism was the worship of the Roman emperors, of whom it made a model.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.535).

The buried Shall make bind the strong of the bridge with chains
: Mussolini’s strategic policy of his reconciliatory agreement with the Pope has a nuance of fastening the Holy See (le fort du pont, the strong of the bridge, the fort of the Pontiff, the Vatican) within his regime in a manner: « An understanding was reached with the pope by the Lateran Treaty (1929). Mussolini, though something of an atheist himself, was well aware of the power of the Roman Catholic Church, and put himself out to win over Pius XI who, as the Duce well knew, was obsessed with the fear of communism. The result was the Lateran Treaty by which Italy recognised the Vatican City as a sovereign state, paid the pope a large sum of money as compensation for all his losses, accepted the Catholic faith as the official state religion and made religious instruction compulsory in all schools. In return the Papacy recognised the kingdom of Italy. Some historians see the ending of the long breach between church and state as Mussolini’s most lasting and worthwhile achievement.» (Lowe, 1988, p.100).

Shall be poisoned
: This expression is analogous to that of the preceding quatrain: His blood in the sacred chalice poisoned (§772, III-65), in this case the Pope Pius XI (le fort du pont, le Marquis du Pont) shall be poisoned by a great of Lorraine (Hitler).

The roes of a barbel
: a very delicious plate.

A great of Lorraine
: = Hitler, Alsace-Lorraine belonging to the Nazi Germany.

The Marquis of the Bridge
: = the Pope Pius XI, the French word le Pont (the Bridge) immediately suggesting the Pontiff, and the etymology of the word le Marquis (the Marquis): “la marche”, i.e. « Province frontière d’un état, A frontier province of a state.» (Petit Robert) recalling the Vatican, a frontier district of Italy.

Shall be poisoned with the roes of a barbel, A great of Lorraine by the Marquis of the Bridge
: The construction is as follows, the preposition ‘by (par)’ being in dislocation (cf. §731-sequel 5): The Marquis of the Bridge shall be poisoned with the roes of a barbel by a great of Lorraine: « Initially, Pius saw Communism as more damaging than the emergent National Socialism of Germany, and therefore he signed the concordat [the roes of a barbel] with Hitler in 1933. Nevertheless, it quickly became obvious that National Socialism was both oppressive and dangerous and so, after many protests addressed to the Nazi government, Pius denounced it in 1937 as anti-Christian and ordered his letter to be read from every Catholic pulpit.» (Maxwell-Stuart, 2006, p.225).
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