§776 The belligerent Mussolini disastrous in the end (1935-1945): IX-80.

IX-80 (§776):

The duke shall want to terminate those of his own,
Shall send the strongest into foreign countries,
By tyranny shall ruin Pise and Lucca,
Next the barbarous shall reap harvests without wine.

(Le duc vouldra les siens exterminer,
Envoiera les plus fortz lieux estranges,
Par tyrannie Pize & Luc ruiner,
Puis les barbares sans vin feront vendanges.)

NOTES: « IX-80 (1922f) The policy grievous for the Italians of Mussolini, whom Nostradamus here names “the Duke”, is here predicted. After the Duke had sent his blackshirted men to Abyssinia and into the Second World War, the Italians became more and more dependent on Hitler, who governed the Italians in the end with no profiting from it. (“The Germans have an abundant vintage, with no wine in hand.”)» (Centurio, 1953, p.207).

The duke: = Your great Duke (§775, X-64) = Il Duce Benito Mussolini (§774, IX-96); « This quatrain is remarkable even from the first words, for the word “duke (duc)” indicates us with the greatest clarity Mussolini, “il Duce”.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.526).

Les siens (those of his own): = « his [Mussolini’s] own people.» (Halley, 1999, p.145).

Les plus fortz (the strongest): = the strongest of his people = the soldiers of his army, Ionescu’s interpretation of the verses as “his best forces (ses meilleures forces)” (Ionescu, 1976, p.528) being too narrow to be faithful to the text.

Lieux estranges: = En lieux estranges (into foreign places), sur les pays étrangers (to the foreign countries) (Ionescu, id.), this type of ellipse of preposition can be called as “embrouiller prophetiquement (to embroil prophetically)” (See Category d, §5, A l’Entrée des Prophéties).

The duke Shall send the strongest into foreign countries: = He claims the army led to the vulnerable gates, They shall wage wars, death of bloodshed (§774, IX-96). 

Pise and Lucca: = « By synecdoche: Italy herself.» (Ionescu, id., p.526).

The duke shall want to terminate those of his own, Shall send the strongest into foreign countries, By tyranny shall ruin Pise and Lucca
: = One of the Royal mountain shall come to tyrannize, Shall exhaust Faenza, Florence, wealth and the nation (§770, VII-32): « From the Corfu Incident of 1924 [sic; (1923)] to the attack on Abyssinia of 1935, [Mussolini] indulged in an aggressive foreign policy. Although at first hostile to Hitler’s Germany because of its ambitions in Austria (Italy’s neighbour), the similarity between the Fascist and Nazi systems and the international ostracism imposed on Italy because of the Abyssinian War led Mussolini to bring the two countries together in what he called the ‘Axis’ of 1936. At Easter 1939 he annexed Albania. He declared war on Britain and France on June 10th, 1940, when France was already defeated. On the following October 28th his troops invaded Greece but were repulsed and, soon after, suffered reverses in Libya and East Africa. These defeats weakened Mussolini’s prestige, especially as the Fascists had always sought to inculcate admiration for the glories of war. By the summer of 1941 Mussolini had become virtually a German pensionary but it was not until July 25th, 1943, that a coup by King Victor Emmanuel and Marshal Badoglio forced him to resign. He was imprisoned, but was rescued from the Appennines by German parachutists (September 12th, 1943) and set up a Republican Fascist Government which administered German-occupied northern Italy. On April 28th, 1945, he was captured by Italian partisans and shot on the shore of Lake Como while attempting to escape into Switzerland. His corpse was taken to Milan and hung in the Piazzale Loreto amid demonstrations of public execration.» (Palmer, p.194-195).

The barbarous
: « The “barbarous” are the troops of Hitler, who invaded Italy, in order to resist the Allies.» (Ionescu, id., p.528).

Next the barbarous shall reap harvests without wine: « During the World War II, the Germans will intervene to occupy the weakened country of Mussolini, but their sanguinary efforts will rest without result.» (Ionescu, id.); « Mussolini is no more than a marionette in the hands of the Führer. He opposes against the government of Marshal Badoglio an ‘Italian Social Republic’ born on December 1st, 1943, on the shore of Lake Garda. Surnamed the ‘Republic of Salo’, this ephemeral regime is not but a last misadventure of the radical fascism, subject to the German protector, whose members draw the northern Italy into fire and blood.» (Trémolières IV, p.61).
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