§777 The Fascists aspiring to revive the Roman glory end in catastrophe (1922-1945): VI-66.

VI-66 (§777):

At the foundation of the new sect,
Shall be found the bones of the great Roman,
The covered sepulcher of marble shall appear,
The earth shall tremble in April, deformed burials.

(Au fondement de la nouvelle secte,
Seront les oz du grand Romain trouvés,
Sepulcre en marbre apparoistra couverte,
Terre trembler en Avril, mal enfouetz.)

NOTES: « VI-66 (1920f) The Fascists considered themselves as successors to the grat Romans.» (Centurio, 1953, p.143).

The new sect: = « the Fascism.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.535).

The bones of the great Roman: = « those of Caesar.» (id.).

At the foundtion of the new sect, Shall be found the bones of the great Roman: = When the sepulcher of the great Roman found (§772, III-65) = The buried shall come out of his tomb (§773, VII-24): « The profound cause of the birth, the development and the end of the Fascism was the worship of [Caesar and] the Roman emperors, of whom it made a model.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.535).

Sepulcre en marbre apparoistra couverte: = Sepulcre en marbre couverte apparoistra, the feminine form of the word ‘couvert’, “couverte”, being rhymed with “secte” of the first line.

The covered sepulcher of marble shall appear: The success in the beginning of the Fascist party = One of the Royal mountain, Who bets and is reliable, shall come to tyrannize, Shall raise troops of the Milanese march (§770, VII-32).

Enfouetz: The past participle in the plural of the verb « enfouer, v.a., enfouir, enterrer (to bury, to inter).» (Godefroy).

The earth shall tremble: The phrase “terre tremble (the earth to tremble)”, together with “tremblement de terre (tremble of the earth)”, is a manner of saying preferred by Nostradamus for expressing « A war/ a war to take place » (cf. Ionescu, 1976, p.459). All of the 12 usages of this expression in the Prophecies of Nostradamus are in this sense without exception (I-20, I-46, I-93, II-52, III-3, VI-66, VI-88, VIII-29, IX-31, IX-83, X-60 and X-79). Moreover, of the other 24 phrases including the word “trembler (to tremble)”, 17 are yet in this sense (I-57, I-82bis, I-87, II-68, II-86, IV-54, IV-90, V-27, V-50, V-61, V-68, IX-33, IX-60bis, IX-94 and X-67) as well as the other 5 with an expression of ‘fear’ (III-88, IV-5, IV-36, V-23 and XII-65) and only the remaining 2 are allotted otherwise (II-64: enfeebling of laws; V-49: shake of the regime). In conclusion, 34 of 36 usages of the word “trembler (to tremble)” are designed to signify the war.

The earth shall tremble in April, deformed burials: = The earth shall tremble [It shall take place the World War II], deformed burials in April [in April 1945 Mussolini was assassinated and hung] (Ionescu, id., p.536): « He declared war on Britain and France on June 10th, 1940, when France was already defeated. On the following October 28th his troops invaded Greece but were repulsed and, soon after, suffered reverses in Libya and East Africa. These defeats weakened Mussolini’s prestige, especially as the Fascists had always sought to inculcate admiration for the glories of war. By the summer of 1941 Mussolini had become virtually a German pensionary but it was not until July 25th, 1943, that a coup by King Victor Emmanuel and Marshal Badoglio forced him to resign. He was imprisoned, but was rescued from the Appennines by German parachutists (September 12th, 1943) and set up a Republican Fascist Government which administered German-occupied northern Italy. On April 28th, 1945, he was captured by Italian partisans and shot on the shore of Lake Como while attempting to escape into Switzerland. His corpse was taken to Milan and hung in the Piazzale Loreto amid demonstrations of public execration.» (Palmer, p.194-195).

In April, deformed burials
: « The tragic end of the Duce. The Italian partisans, refusing to deliver Mussolini to the Allies, shot him with 17 loyals of his followers. His mistress shared the same fate. Their corpses hung by the legs were subject to the public vengeance at Loreto Place in Milan.» (Trémolières IV, p.61).
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