§778 The downfall of the Spanish monarchy (1921-1941): III-19.

III-19 (§778):

In Luke blood and milk shall come to rain:
A little earlier change of the praetor,
Shall make see great plague and war, famine and thirst
The distant place, where their prince-rector shall die.

(En Luques sang & laict viendra plouvoir:
Un peu devant changement de preteur,
Grand peste & guerre, faim & soif fera voyr
Loing, ou mourra leur prince recteur.)

NOTES: « III-19 (1936f) The Spanish Civil War: In Luke near Cordoba (in southern Spain) begins the Civil War. Milky blood, namely many young men fall. The suffering of the war shall make open the nation’s eyes. It will be a pity that Alfonso XIII, the legitimate king of Spain, should die far off his homeland.» (Centurio, 1953, p.72).

Luques (Luke): « Synecdoche – Luke, a city of Spain, for Spain herself.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.447); « In order to indicate Spain, Nostradamus chooses a city of this country, a city which has the name of one of the Evangelists. The point in question is therefore the monarchical and traditional Spain.» (Ionescu, id.).

In Luke blood and milk shall come to rain: « The words “blood and milk” seem to be an indication of the downfall of the King because “blood” means a noble birth and “milk” (together with honey) is a ritual substance of the royal anointment.» (id., p.447-448); «The constitutional monarchy under Alfonso XIII was never very efficient and reached rock bottom in 1921 when a Spanish army sent to put down a revolt led by Abd-el-Krim in Spanish Morocco was massacred by the Moors. In 1923 General Primo de Rivera seized power in a bloodless coup, with Alfonso’s approval, and ruled for the next seven years. The king called him ‘my Mussolini’, but though Primo was a military dictator, he was not a fascist. He was responsible for a number of public works – railways, roads and irrigation schemes; industrial production developed at three times the rate before 1923; most impressive of all, he managed to end the war in Morocco (1925). When the world economic crisis reached Spain in 1930 unemployment rose, Primo and his advisers bungled the finances, causing depreciation of the peseta, and the army withdrew support, whereupon Primo resigned [A little earlier change of the praetor]. In April 1931 municipal elections were held in which the republicans won all the large cities; as huge crowds gathered on the street of Madrid, Alfonso decided to abdicate to avoid bloodshed, and a republic was proclaimed [In Luke blood and milk shall come to rain]. The monarchy had been overthrown without bloodshed, but unfortunately the slaughter had merely been postponed until 1936.» (Lowe, 1988, p.171-173);

« 1931 Apr: 14th, King Alfonso flees in Spanish revolution and Alcalá Zamora becomes President of provisional government.» (Williams, 1968, p.528).

Praetor: « Ancient-Roman magistrate below consul.» (Sykes).

A little earlier change of the praetor: « 1930 Jan: 28th, dictatorship of Primo de Rivera ends in Spain and General Damaso Berenguer forms ministry.» (Williams, id., p.524).

In Luke blood and milk shall come to rain: A little earlier change of the praetor, Shall make see great plague and war, famine and thirst
: = In Luke blood and milk shall come to rain: A little earlier change of the praetor, [which] Shall make see great plague and war, famine and thirst: Namely, the downfall of the monarchy and the Republican political inefficiency in Spain make finally ensue the civil war [war] with horrible atrocities [great plague] and miseries [famine and thirst]: « It was an unexpected flare-up in Spain in 1936 that first brought the forces of Fascism and democracy (or was it communism?) into open conflict. Franco, the Spanish general who led the right-wing revolt against the not very competent left-wing government of Spain, quickly got the upper hand in this fighting. During 1937 he completed the conquest of the north; in 1938 he split the remaining republican territory into two halves by driving through to the Mediterranean. The next year’s campaign was to bring him complete victory. By then a half a million Spaniards had died, more of them in the mass executions that both sides were prone to indulge in than in the front-line fighting. The Spanish Republic had come into existence in 1931, when a popular rebellion forced King Alfonso XIII to flee. The Republicans then attempted to push Spain from the eighteenth century into the twentieth in one go, a programme that alienated the church, the army and the upper classes and finally precipitated Franco’s rebellion. Franco received important, but probably not critical, help from Hitler and Mussolini; the Republicans got a bit of help – not enough to make any difference – from Stalin, and rather more from the international communist movement which sponsored the volunteer international Brigades.» (McEvedy, 1982, p.70).

: « Head priest of church, etc.; head of university, college, school, or religious institution.» (Sykes).

The distant place, where their prince-rector shall die
: « The last verse returns to the King Alfonso XIII, who shall die far off his country. Nostradamus names him “prince-rector” because the word “rector” has the meaning of ‘chief’, but also ‘by right, good, legitimate and virtuous’. The good King of legitimacy shall die in Rome [on February 28, 1941], far off his country.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.447).
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