§786 The failure of the League of Nations (1920-1946): I-100.

I-100 (§786):

For a long time in the sky shall be seen a gray bird,
The place being near Dole and Tuscany,
Holding in its beak a verdant bough,
Shall die soon, and the great shall end the war.

(Long temps au ciel sera veu gris oiseau
Au pres de Dole & de Tousquane terre,
Tenant au bec un verdoiant rameau,
Mourra tost grand, & finira la guerre.)

NOTES: Dole: « The county seat of the arrondissement of Jura, [France,] near Switzerland and the name of the mountain quite close to Lake Leman, by which the city of Geneva is situated.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.474).

Tuscany: « Synecdoche: Tuscany (a part), for Italy (the whole).» (id.).

Great: « Ellipsis: great for the great power, namely America.» (id.).

Mourra tost grand, & finira la guerre: « The construction: “Mourra tost et (le) grand (pouvoir) finira la guerre (Shall die soon and [the] great [power] shall end the war).”» (id.).

« For a long time they shall see in the sky the pigeon of peace (a gray bird), above the palace of the League of Nations, between Dole and Italy – holding in its beak a bough of olive (a verdant bough). But this bird shall die [soon] and the war shall break out. America – the great power – shall be one that shall intervene and end the war.» (id.).

A gray bird... shall die soon: « League of Nations. An international organization created in 1920 to preserve peace and settle disputes by arbitration or conciliation... The League succeeded in settling a number of international disputes, notably in the Balkans and South America. It was able to assist the refugees from Russia and Turkey in the 1920s, although the general refugee problem of the 1930s was beyond its resources. It also helped the Danubian states to obtain reconstruction loans, and, through the International Labour Organization, secured more equitable working conditions among its member-states. The League was ultimately responsible for the system of mandates, for the judicial administration of Upper Silesia, and for the maintenance of the Free City of Danzig. It failed to prevent Japanese aggression in Manchuria and China, Italian aggression against Abyssinia or the Russian attack on Finland in 1939, despite the fact that all six of these countries were member-states. In the pre-war crisis of 1938-39 the Great Powers tended to ignore the existence of the League. During the war the League sought to continue its non-political activities so far as was possible. It was formally dissolved in April 1946, handing over its remaining responsibilities to the United Nations Organization.» (Palmer, p.157-158).
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