§794 Himmler shall make black pages of History (1942-1945): IX-53.

IX-53 (§794):

The young Nero into the three chimneys
Shall make black pages of History for throwing the alive to burn them,
Happy shall be he who shall have nothing to do with such acts,
Three of his blood shall have him waited for to be the death of him.

(Le Neron jeune dans les trois cheminees
Fera de paiges vifz pour ardoir getter,
Heureux qui loing sera de telz meneez,
Trois de son sang le feront mort guetter.)

NOTES: The young Nero: = « Himmler.» (Centurio, 1953, p.202); (Ionescu, 1976, p.503). Cf. « l’inhumain Neron (the inhuman Nero)» (§515, IX-76): a historical metaphor for la Terreur (the Terror), as « le tiers premier pys que ne feit Neron (the Third Estate in power worse than Nero does)» (§382, IX-17) for the revolutionary Government in the French Revolution, and « un fils Agrippe (a son of Agrippina = Nero)» (§374, VI-91) for the National Convention.

Chimneys: = « Concentration camps with crematories.»
(Ionescu, id.).

Paiges: = pages (pages); « PAGE. 6° Fig. Partie de la vie ou de l’histoire d’un individu, d’un groupe, d’une nation.
Une page glorieuse de l’histoire de France. (Part of the life or the history of an individual, of a group, of a nation. A glorious page of the history of France).» (Petit Robert). The interpretations of this term by Centurio as “living boys” and by Ionescu as “traps” are not pertinent semantically or textually.

Vifz: = The alive, living persons; « VIF, VIVE. adj. and noun.
2°. Noun. LE VIF: personne vivante (a living person).» (Petit Robert).

Ardoir: = « brûler, consumer (to burn, to consume).» (Godefroy).

Getter: = jeter (to throw); « geter, getter, getray, etc. Voir (See) jeter.»; « jeter: jeter, lancer (to throw, to dart).» (Daele).

Le Neron jeune dans les trois cheminees Fera de paiges vifz pour ardoir getter: The construction will be as follows : Le Neron jeune fera de paiges pour getter [&] ardoir vifz dans les trois cheminees (The young Nero shall make [black] pages [of History] for throwing and burning the alive in the three chimneys); « Himmler, the new Nero, made millions of people gassed and burnt » (Centurio, id.) « in the three concentration camps with crematories.» (Ionescu, id.); « By December 1941 Hitler had about 8,700,000 Jews under his rule. Of these he had by early 1945 murdered at least 5,800,000. At Auschwitz, where 2 million were murdered, the process was run like a large-scale industrial operation. German firms submitted competitive tenders for the ‘processing unit’, which had to possess ‘capacity to dispose of 2,000 bodies every twelve hours’. The five furnaces were supplied by the German firm of Topt & Co of Erfurt... The victims marched into the cellars, which they were told were baths, and did not at first notice the gas coming from perforations in metal columns:

Then they would feel the gas and crowd together away from the menacing columns and finally stampede towards the huge metal door with its little window, where they piled up in one blue clammy blood-spattered pyramid, clawing and mauling at each other even in death... Then the journey by lift or rail-wagon to the furnaces, the mill that ground the clinker to fine ash, and the lorry that scattered the ashes in the stream of the Sola. (Quoted from Gerald Reitlinger, The Final Solution, London, 1953).

In fact, to save money inadequate quantities of the expensive gas were often used, so the healthy victims were merely stunned and were then burned alive (Gilbert, Final Journey, 77-8).» (Johnson, 1991, p.415-416).

Three chimneys: = A certain number of concentration camps: « The final solution became fact from the spring of 1942. The first mass-gassings began at Belzec on 17 March 1942. This camp had the capacity to kill 15,000 a day. The next month came Sobibor (20,000 a day), Treblinka and Maidanek (25,000) and Auschwitz, which Hoess called ‘the greatest institution for human annihilation of all time’.» (Johnson, 1991, p.415).

Heinrich Himmler (1900-†23 May, 1945): « He was made commander of the unified German police forces in 1936, head of Reich Administration in 1939 and Minister of the Interior, 1943. His ruthless direction of the secret police (Gestapo) made him a sinister figure among the Nazi leaders, responsible for many atrocities. He was arrested in hiding by British troops on May 21st, 1945, and committed suicide two days later.» (Palmer, p.126); « ... the key document in the genocide programmes appears to be an order issued (on the Führer’s authority) by Goering on 31 July 1941 to Himmler’s deputy and
SD [Sicherheitsdienst, Security Service to watch Roehm’s SA] Chief, Reinhard Heydrich, whom Hitler called ‘the man with an iron heart’... Since June 1941, on Himmler’s instructions, Rudolf Hoess, commander of Camp ‘A’ at Auschwitz-Birkenau, had been experimenting. Shooting was too slow and messy. Carbon monoxide gas was found too slow also. Then in August 1941, using 500 Soviet POWs as guinea-pigs, Hoess conducted a mass-killing with Zyklon-B. This was made by a pest-control firm, Degesch, the vermin combatting corporation, a satellite of I.G.Farben. Discovering Zyklon-B, said Hoess, ‘set my mind at rest’. A huge SS order went out for the gas...» (Johnson, 1991, p.414).

Three of his blood shall have him waited for to be the death of him: « Himmler favoured above all the genuine maintenance of the blood, but three of his blood (Hitler, Goebbels and Admiral Dönitz) let him fall in the last days of the Nazi regime; he died, for he swallowed a capsule with cyanide.» (Centurio, id.); « In April 1945 Himmler tried to come into contact with the Allies for the negotiations of peace by the medium of Polke Bernadotte, a Swedish Count. When the news reached Hitler, he ordered his arrest. Then Himmler, taking a false identification, tried to escape, but was arrested by the Allies and brought to Lüneburg. He there committed suicide, in swallowing a phial of poison on 23 May, 1945.» (Encycl. Brit., quoted Ionescu, id.); « According to Centurio, the three persons who were waiting for the death of Himmler were Hitler – who had ordered his arrest - , Goebbels and Admiral Dönitz. The affirmation by the German writer seems to us justified because these two chiefs are those who remained faithful to the Führer, which determined the latter to nominate them in his testament, the first as Chancellor and the other as President.» (Ionescu, id.).
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