§798 Blitzkrieg (The lightning war) - May 10th, 1940 (1940) (2): X-67.

X-67 (§798):

The tremble so strong in the month of May,
Saturn, Caper, Jupiter, Mercury in the bull:
Venus also Cancer, Mars, in nones,
Shall fall a hail then larger than an egg.

(Le tremblement si fort au mois de May,
Saturne, Caper, Jupiter, Mercure au beuf:
Venus aussi Cancer, Mars, en Nonnay,
Tombera gresle lors plus grosse qu'un euf.)

NOTES: Le tremblement (The tremble): This phrase, together with “si fort (so strong)”, is a manner of saying preferred by Nostradamus for expressing « A war/ a war to take place » (cf. Ionescu, 1976, p.459). In fact, of the 24 phrases including the word “trembler (to tremble)”, 17 are yet in this sense (I-57, I-82bis, I-87, II-68, II-86, IV-54, IV-90, V-27, V-50, V-61, V-68, IX-33, IX-60bis, IX-94 and X-67) as well as the other 5 with an expression of ‘fear’ (III-88, IV-5, IV-36, V-23 and XII-65) and only the remaining 2 are allotted otherwise.

The tremble so strong in the month of May: « The tremors (wars) will be very strong in the month of May.» (Lamont, 1944, p.335).

The key point of the quatrain consists in the determination of the year in question by the astronomical conditions described there. But, for a moment, the term ‘Caper’ is not known to us as a planet, we first consider the condition “Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury in the bull”:

1° The periods (year.month.day) of Saturn and Jupiter together in the Bull are as follows during the 16th – 20th centuries (1555-2000) [Paris, LMT; astronomical calculations by means of StellaNavigator]: 1763.5.6-1763.6.11, 1822.4.22-1822.7.20, 1822.12.5-1823.3.9, 1881.4.11-1882.4.22, 1940.5.16-1941.5.26, 1999.6.28-1999.10.23 and 2000.2.14-2000.6.30.

2° The periods (year.month.day hour:minute) of Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury together in the Bull are as follows: 1763.5.6 6:40-1763.5.15 16:00, 1822.5.3 17:00-1822.5.17 23:00, 1881.5.4 20:00-1881.5.19 6:30, 1940.5.16 7:40-1940.5.21 14:00, 1941.4.28 23:00-1941.5.13 1:00 and 2000.4.30 4:00-2000.5.14 7:30.

3° According to the verse “Venus aussi Cancer (Venus also Cancer)” interpreted as “Venus in Cancer during the periods of 2°”, these periods can be reduced to the following sole one: (p1) 1940.5.16 7:40-1940.5.21 14:00. As to the supposed ellipsis of the preposition ‘in (en or à)’ before Cancer, it concerns a prophetic embroilment.
Cf. A l'Entrée des Prophéties, §5, Catégorie d: Ellipse de prépositions pour embrouiller prophétiquement.

4° The verse “Cancer, Mars, en Nonnay (Cancer Mars in nones)” can be interpreted as “Mars in Cancer in the seventh day of May”, where the diction of the ancient Rome ‘nones (the 7th of May)’ [Nonnay = « nones n.pl. In ancient Roman calendar by inclusive reckoning, ninth day before ides (7th day of Mar., May, July, Oct., 5th day of other months).» (Sykes)] should be translated concerning the day of 1940 into the Gregorian date: 7+13=20 (the 20th of May) as Ionescu argued it correctly (Ionescu, 1976, p.486). Then Mars’ longitude on May 20th 00:00-24:00, 1940, are [91°32′24″]-[92°11′08″], namely, just in Cancer. As to the date by the ancient Roman manner, another example of “le dix Kalendes d’Apuril de faict Gotique (the tenth of the calends of April in Gothic fashion)” (§391, I-42) is, in its context, not to be translated to the Gregorian.

5° The term “Caper” as a possible planet may be one of the three newly discovered Uranus, Neptune or Pluto other than those known since the ancient times, which Nostradamus had already predicted in his Prophecies (§341, VIII-69; §613, IV-33; §767, I-84). Although Ionescu has identified it with Uranus with verbal imaginative confidence (Ionescu, 1976, p.484-485), we will follow the discursive route and discern these three planets’ longitude during the pertinent period above (p1):

(p1) 1940.5.16 7:40-1940.5.21 14:00.
Uranus..... [52°11′46″]-[52°30′02″]
Neptune.... [172°48′35″]-[172°46′01″]

6° In fact, as Ionescu argues it, the so-called Caper is not but the planet Uranus that is in the Bull.

7° In conclusion, we get the period 1940.5.16 7:40 - 1940.5.21 14:00 as the most pertinent. Therefore, only the case of p1 is entitled to be the year in question, namely, the year 1940.

A hail larger than an egg: = « heavy bombs » (Lamont, id.).

Shall fall a hail then larger than an egg: « ... For more than two weeks Dunkirk had been subjected to an escalating fury of bombing. The docks were wrecked, the quays had been pounded to rubble, and more than half the town lay in smouldering ruins... On May 27, the vulture flock of Stukas wheeled and plunged upon the port and beaches for nearly the whole day. The smoking air was rent by explosions and the roar of flames. Goering’s Stukas, Heinkels and Dorniers dropped 15,000 high-explosive bombs, mostly 500-pounders [a grail larger than an egg], and 30,000 incendiaries. Over a thousand civilians lay beneath the ruins... » (Maule, 1972, p.24-25).
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