§659. Ferdinand II deceased (1859); Francis II expelled (1861): V-21.

V-21 (§659):

Because of the decease of the Latin monarch,
Those whom he shall hold by his reign delivered:
Fire shall flare, the booty divided,
The public death to the bold and daring.

(Par le trespas du monarque latin,
Ceulx qu'il aura par regne secouruz:
Le feu luyra, divisé le butin,
La mort publique aux hardis incoruz.)

Notes: According to a general idea of Vignois (1910, p.253) about this quatrain, we explain it as follows:

Latin: Of 7 usages of the word, 5 including this case refer to Latium, the middle Italy (Naples: I-83, V-21), Italy itself (V-63) or Italians (X-59) or people of papal counties in France (IX-70), 1 to Latin America (II-5. Cf. Ionescu, 1976, p.479) and 1 to Roumania, a country of Latin people (V-50. Cf. Ionescu, id., p.577).

The Latin monarch: That of the kingdom of Naples Ferdinand II (1830-1859).

Those... delivered: Being freed from their tyranny (cf. §658,VI-8: Inhuman heart, a cruel & chilled king);

Fire shall flare: Francis II (1859-1861) continues the oppressive policy of his father against the Italian unionists.

The booty divided: Peoples of the kingdom of Naples to be conquered by the Italian unionists are divided into the pros and the cons. 

The public death to the bold and daring: = the political death to the cons headed by Francis II who went into exile in Rome where he lived another ten years.

Les hardis incoruz: = Les hardis & incoruz.

Incoruz: = Encourus, Those who exposed themselves to politico-military risks.
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