§661. Risorgimento: the Kingdom of Italy founded (1861.3.17): I-6.

I-6 (§661):

The eye of Ravenna shall be dismissed,
When at his feet his wings shall fail.
The two of Bresse shall have constituted
Turin, Verceil which the French shall tread.

(L'œil de Ravenne sera destitué,
Quand à ses piedz les ælles failliront:
Les deux de Bresse auront constitué
Turin, Verseil que Gauloys fouleront.) (№ 2)

Notes: « I-6 (1860-1870) The national unification of the Italians: The eye of Ravenna, the Pope, to whom Ravenna belonged, was deprived of the pontifical states because of the Italian unification.» (Centurio, 1953, p.33).

The eye of Ravenna
: The pope, its holy sovereign.

Les ælles: = les ailes, Wings, i.e., pontifical states such as Bologna, Perugia, Ferrara, Ravenna, etc.

The eye of Ravenna shall be dismissed, When at his feet his wings shall fail: « Unionist enthusiasm had already burned too high, however, for political or diplomatic schemes to avail against it. All over the land the flag of united Italy was raised, and conjunction demanded with Sardinia. Bologna declared itself free from the pope and invoked the dictatorship of the king of Sardinia. Many other cities of the pontifical state followed this example, indeed the greater part of the pontifical possessions would have fallen away from Rome had not the terrible storming of Perugia by the pope's Swiss guard spread such dismay that Ancona, Ferara, and Ravenna for a while remained true... At last in March, 1860, the popular vote was obtained which gave Savoy and Nice to France and made Tuscany, Parma, Modena, and the Roman legations a part of the kingdom of Sardinia. The pope excommunicated all who had taken part or even connived at this despoliation of Rome; but the papal bull, once so formidable a weapon, had in the course of time lost much of its early terrors. The 2nd of April witnessed the opening of the first Italian parliament, in which were representatives not only from Sardinia and Lombardy, but from Tuscany, Modena, Parma, and the Roman legations. “ Our fatherland is no longer the Italy of Rome,” declared the crown speech, “ nor of the Middle Ages; neither shall it be the arena wherein shall meet for combat the ambitions of all nations. Now and forever it is the Italy of the Italians”... On the 18th of February [1861], King Victor Emmanuel assembled in Turin about his throne representatives from all those states which acknowleged his rule, and with their joyful acquiescence adopted for himself and his legitimate descendants the title of “ king of Italy.” (Law of March 17th 1861)» (HH, IX, p.604-610).

The two of Bresse: The two representatives of Risorgimento, Cavour (1810-1861) and Garibaldi (1807-1882), both having been born in a region [symbolized by Bresse (Ain) (French since 1601)] of the French Empire (1804-1815) under Napoleon Bonaparte: the former in Turin (French since 1802), the latter in Nice (French since 1793).

The two of Bresse shall have constituted Turin, Verceil which the French shall tread: Cavour and Garibaldi shall lead the Risorgimento that shall arrive, in 1861, at the foundation of the Kingdom of Italy incorporating the Piedmont (Turin, Verceil) which Napoleon Bonaparte shall have conquered in 1796 and annexed to France in 1802.
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