§673. 13 years of the movement of Italian unification; Failure of the franco-papal alliance (1858-1870): V-78.

V-78 (§673):

The unified two shall not hold for a long time,
And after 13 years shall be usurped:
On both sides there shall be such a loss
That they shall bless the bark and its cap.

( Les deux uniz ne tiendront longuement,
Et dans treze ans au Barbare satrappe:
Aux deux costez feront tel perdement,
Qu’on benyra le Barque & sa cappe.)

NOTES: The unified two: France represented by Napoleon III and Italy of Victor Emmanuel and Cavour in their alliance made in 1858 at Plombières (cf. §642, VII-20: Count Cavour allied with Napoleon III).

And after 13 years [in 1870][Rome Napoleon wished to protect] shall be usurped [by the king of Italy].

On both sides there shall be such a loss: In 1870 France defeated by Prussia and the Pope deprived of his temporal power in Rome.

That they shall bless the bark and its cap: The kingdom of Italy unified in the peninsula leaves the Roman Eglise and the Pope with the genuinely spiritual power.
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