§674. Unification of Italy (1848-1870): I-11.

I-11 (§674):

The movement of senses, the heart, feet and hands
shall be in accord. Naples, Leon, Sicily,
swords, fires, waters: then with the noble Romans
Plonged, killed, dead by the weak brain.

( Le mouvement de sens, cueur, pieds, & mains
Seront d’acord. Naples, Leon, Secille,
Glaifves, feus, eaux: puis aux nobles Romains
Plongés, tués, mors par cerveau debile.)

NOTES: Naples, Leon, Sicily: The kingdom of two Sicilies under Spain, ‘Leon’ representing ‘León’ in the northern Spain.

Swords, fires, waters: Wars and revolutions. Waters as the multitude in revolt (cf. Torné-Chavigny, 1861, p.111).

With the noble Romans Plonged [cf. Plonger un poignard (ou une balle) dans la poitrine de qn], killed, dead: = With the noble Romans some are fired, some killed and some dead.

The weak brain: The irresolution of the Potiff to abandon his temporal power.
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