§676. French evacuation of Rome and its occupation by Italians to accomplish the Italian unification (1870): V-22.

V-22 (§676):

Before the great man in Rome shall have rendered his soul,
A great fright to the foreign army:
Near Parma the ambush by squadrons,
Then the two reds together shall make a feast.

( Avant qu’à Rome grand aye rendu l’ame
Effrayeur grande à l’armée estrangiere:
Par Esquadrons, l’embusche pres de Parme,
Puis les deux roges ensemble feront chere.)

NOTES: The great man in Rome: Pius IX (1846-1878).

A great fright to the foreign army: The explosion of the Franco-Prussian war in July, 1870, shocked the French garrison in Rome.

Near Parma the ambush by squadrons: The Italian troops were ready to enter Rome evacuated by the French garrison. In this context, ‘Parma’ represents the kingdom of Italy without Rome (cf. ‘Parma’ of §667, IV-69), and ‘near Parma’ indicates its Roman frontier.

Then the two reds together shall make a feast: After Roman unification, the two revolutionaries (roges = rouges = reds) leading the movement, namely the king Victor-Emmanuel and Garibaldi, will see the complete result they aimed with joy.
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