§ 608.French colonization of Algeria

19th century:
§608. French colonization of Algeria (1830-1847): V-69.

The great shall be no more in false sleep,
The inquietude shall take repose:
A country shall raise phalanges of gold, azure, & vermeil,
And subjugate Africa to gnaw it to the bone.

(Plus ne sera le grand en faulx sommeil,
L'inquietude viendra prendre repoz:
Dresser phalange d'or, azure, & vermeil,
Subjuguer Affrique la ronger jusques aux oz.)

Keys to the reading:
The great: The dey of Algiers.

The inquietude: The European navigators and coasts always risking the danger of being pirated.

A country: France, «of gold, azure, & vermeil» meaning «red, blue and silver», i.e. «tricolored». See below.

gold: Au colloid, used e.g. in stained glass, shows ruby.

vermeil: «Gold gives the red, azure is a mineral which gives the pure blue; what can signify the word vermeil ? - The vermeil has the same appearance as gold, but its base is silver, and silver is white. These phalanges cannot be of gold, azure and vermeil but in respect to the color. The Prophet signals three colors: gold gives the red, azure the blue; we are strictly constrained to see the silver or the white in vermeil: if this word is taken in the sense of gold or red, it will repeat the same in vain.» (Torné-Chavigny, 1860, p.57).

«The Moor of Algiers, entertaining the peace with all the peoples and delivering temselves to pirating all of them, shall stop being free, and the navigators shall be no more inquiet. France shall form the armies that, under the flag with three colors: red, blue, white, shall make Algeria a French territory.» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.56).
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