§812 Krafft, Goebbels and Hitler (1940-1945): II-36.

II-36 (§812):

The writings about the great Prophet shall be received,
Shall change in the hands of the tyrant:
To deceive his king shall be his enterprises,
But his rapines shall soon trouble him.

(Du grand Prophete les letres seront prinses,
Entre les mains du tyrant deviendront:
Frauder son roy seront ses entreprinses,
Mais ses rapines bien tost le troubleront.)

NOTES: Letres: = Writings; « letre, lettre (de l’alphabet) (letter of the alphabet) – écriture (writing), écrit (what is written).» (Daele).

Du grand Prophete les letres: = Les letres du grand Prophete = The writings concerning the great Prophet, the preposition « de (of) » expressing « l’Objet d’une action (the Object of an action); à propos de (about), au sujet de (concerning).» (Petit Robert).

Deviendront: = [They] shall change, shall suffer vicissitudes; « DEVENIR. Absolt. Philo. Changer, évoluer. (Without complement. To change, to progress).» (Petit Robert). The interpretation of the term by Ionescu as “ dévieront (they shall deviate)” is wrong because he ungrammatically first demands in vain a complement from the intransitive verb without complement “devenir” and then impromptu appeals to a seemingly like verb “dévier (to deviate)” (Ionescu, 1976, p.506; 1993, p.51).

The writings about the great Prophet shall be received, Shall change in the hands of the tyrant: To deceive his king shall be his enterprises: « It will be interesting that in this prediction [§811, V-94] so difficult to decipher the famous astrologer and Nostradamus researcher Krafft was wrecked in the true sense of the word: Krafft had recognized the Russian dictator Stalin in the here named “Duke of Armenia”. This interpretation [The writings about the great Prophet] he reported to the Propaganda Minister of the Third Reich, in order to warn the responsible Leader of the German policy through Dr. Goebbels [the tyrant]. Hitler [his king] did listen to none of the words of this warning, for Dr. Goebbels was too talented for falsifications. With his notorious eloquence he succeeded in making Krafft believe that not Stalin but Hitler should be meant [Shall change in the hands of the tyrant]. ... this reinterpretation [Shall change].. » (Centurio, 1953, p.128; cf. Centurio, id., p.55); « Now, Krafft saw that in the last verse it is said that this “Duke of Armenia” would arrive at Vienna, and even at Cologne (Köln), which is equivalent to the conquest of Germany by Stalin. Goebbels, who was then the Minister of Propaganda and Informations, could not risk telling Hitler this eventual failure. This took place in 1940-1941, at the full ascension of the Reich. As Propaganda Minister he saw in the matter a good occasion to make the work of Krafft a mean of propaganda in favour of the Nazism [To deceive his king shall be his enterprises]. What is certain, it is that Krafft corrects his work, which is then published by the Ministry of Propaganda in all the European languages, and diffused everywhere**. **
In my collection I have a copy published in 1941, in the Rumanian language, which I have held since the appearance of this book in Bucharest. The interpretation of Krafft published by Goebbels shows that “le grand duc’Armenie (the great duke of Armenia)” is not but Hitler, for Armenia must be an allusion to Arminius, one of the leaders of the Germanic peoples in the Roman times. In this way the problem becomes easy: “assaillira Vienne et la Cologne” should indicate the annexation of Rhineland and Austria, actions accomplished by Hitler before the war.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.505-507).

The point of changes in Krafft according to the Spanish version of the text about the quatrain V-94 (Karl. E. Krafft, Nostradamus predice el porvenir de Europa, EDICIONES ESPAÑOLAS, S.A., Madrid,1941, p.110-112): This version interprets the French word “la grand Germanie” as “la Gran Alemania” in Spanish, and “duc d’Armenie” as “Führer alemán”, where the key word “Armenia” seems to be ingeniously translated into “Alemania (Germany in Spanish)” and “d’Armenie” into “alemán (German in Spanish) in order to identify “Armenia” with “Germany” and “le grand duc d’Armenie” with “the great German leader = Hitler”. And the lines 3-4 to the effect that « the great duke of Armenia shall assail Vienna and Cologne » are intended to correspond exactly to the historical facts before the outbreak of war that Hitler had occupied the demilitarized zone of Rhineland (la región renana = Rheinland [Cologne]) in 1936 and annexed Austria (la Marca oriental = Ostmark [Vienna]) in 1938 under the guise of counteraction against Wilson’s 14 points, a feigned truce.

But his rapines shall soon trouble him: « Hitler, Adolf (1889-1945); ... His demands on Poland [his rapines] led to the Second World War (September 1939), which he considered he had won in the West when German troops entered Paris (June 1940) [his rapines]. In 1941 he moved his troops eastward [his rapines], but in attacking Russia he encountered heavy opposition [shall soon trouble him] and personally assumed command in the field on December 19th, 1941. A series of failures after Stalingrad, culminating in the Allied landings in Normandy, undermined the Army’s confidence in Hitler and led to the attempted assassination of July 20th, 1944. At the end of the war Hitler was cornered in the ruins of Berlin, where after marrying his mistress Eva Braun, he shot himself (April 30th, 1945).» (Palmer, p.127-128).

N.B. It is interesting that Vignois in 1910 offers us a quasi-solution of the quatrain with the subject of ‘Torné-Chavigny’, the greatest interpreter of Nostradamus ever seen, before the date of the real events concerned that only can determine the true solution (Vignois, 1910, p.247; Laver, 1952, p.205f.).
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