§832 Fall of Mussolini in the year 1943 (1943): I-23.

I-23 (§832):

In the third month the Sun rising,
A wild boar, a leopard in the field to fight mars:
The leopard left in the sky casts a glance,
Sees an eagle frolicking around the Sun.

( Au mois troisiesme se levant le soleil,
Sanglier, liepard au champ mars pour combatre:
Liepard laisse au ciel extend son oeil,
Un Aigle autour du soleil voyt s'esbatre.)

NOTES: Mars: = « MARS. (lat. martius, de Mars, dieu de la guerre ‘God of the war’). Troisième mois de l’année dans le calendrier actuel (The third month in the actual calendar).» (Petit Robert).

Sun: = « SOLEIL. Par métaph. et fig. Tout ce qui brille, répand son influence bienfaisante comme le soleil (By metaphor and figuratively All that shines, diffuses its beneficent influence like the Sun).» (Petit Robert)..

This quatrain is full of symbolic expressions such as ‘a sunrise’ (a budding social hope to the detriment of the oppressive regime), ‘a wild boar’ (Adolf Hitler), ‘a leopard’ (Benito Mussolini), ‘mars’ (the overwhelming forces of the Allies), ‘in the sky’ (in a hotel of Gran Sasso, at the altitude of 2,172 meters, in the heart of the Apennines), ‘an eagle’ (aircraft) and ‘around the Sun’ (in the sky).

The third month
: = « mars (March) » (Fontbrune, 1980, p.191). Ionescu’s interpretation of the phrase “Au mois troisième se levant le soleil” as the date “comprised between May 21 and June 21” (Ionescu, id., p.537) is not grammatically pertinent because the phrase “the Sun rising” does not mean the vernal equinox nor any starting point for determination of “the third” month. On the contrary, “the third month” itself indicates the time of the rising of the Sun.

In the third month the Sun rising
: = « 1943 March 5. Beginning of the strikes in Turin. The daily life is more and more difficult in Italy. Prices rise, whereas the purchasing power diminishes. The price of a bottle of oil at the black market is equivalent to the monthly salary of a textile worker. The communists stir up discreetly the discontent. On 5 March 1943, the strike break out at the factories of Fiat of Turin and expands to Milan. The responsible of the fascist syndicates are hissed and the militia welcomed by the shoot of bolts. Three hundred thousands of workers including the members of the fascist national Party stop working. These strikes, whose resonance is notable, reveal the profundity of the popular discontent and the diffusion of the anti-fascism. March 31. Mussolini decides the total civilian mobilization. It is applied to the men of 14 to 70 years and the women of 14 to 60. But it is applied very slackly.» (Kaspi, 1980, p.341-344).

A wild boar
(sanglier): « As to the name “sanglier”, it is an enigma for Hitler, being explained by the bloody traits of this animal. The first part of this word contains the word “sang (blood)” and we find as regards Hitler the expressions such as “fera de sang grand cours ([his revolt] shall cause a grand flow of blood)” (IX-90, §810), “au sanguinaire le nombre (des jours) racompté (As to the sanguinary one the number (of the days) reckoned up)” (II-89, §813).» (Ionescu, 1976, p.530).

A leopard
(liepard): « We consider the name “leopard” as an enigma for Mussolini. This word is composed of “leo (lion)”, and of “πάδρος (panther)”. This characteristic fits in with Mussolini, who is born on 29 July 1883, therefore with the Sun within the sign of Lion.» (Ionescu, id.). The examples of the word “leopard” in the Prophecies of Nostradamus are three in all, whose two are in this quatrain under analyse and another one is in the quatrain VI-20 (§787), where the word “« un nouveau liepart (a new leopard) », who shall occupy Rome anew in place of the Italian chief, refers to Hitler designated in the quatrain under analysis as “sanglier (a wild boar)”. Besides, the alternative character “T” of the irregular orthography “liepart” (‘lie-’ itself instead of LEO being naturally derived from “lion”) seems to suggest the ‘T’ of ‘Hitler’.

Sanglier, liepard au champ mars pour combatre
: The construction shall be as follows: « Sanglier, liepard au champ pour combatre mars », for there will be more necessity to designate the enemy for the two Axis leaders to fight with than to read almost tautologically “champ mars” as “champ [de] mars (battle field)”.

A wild boar, a leopard in the field to fight mars
: « April 7-10. Meeting of Hitler [A wild boar] and Mussolini [a leopard] at Klessheim near Salzburg. The Führer weighs the abatement of confidence of the Duce who advises him to conclude a separate peace with the USSR. The military present in the Italian delegation speak to their German counterparts with hostility hardly dissimulated. Hitler, however, comes to give again his confidence to Mussolini and guarantees him that soon he will deliver a decisive blow to the Soviets [to fight mars]. April 17. Mussolini hardens his policy. After having met Hitler at Klessheim, Mussolini assembles the executives of the fascist national Party in Palazzo Venezia and, in a resolute tone, announces severe measures, orienting in the direction of war to the death [to fight mars]. He criticizes the police that has not suppressed severely enough the strikes of March and should have opened fire on the workers. He affirms his will to constitute the units analogous to the SS, to politicize the army and to ignore the popular opinion. May 5. A speech of Mussolini in Rome. From the height of Palazzo Venezia, Mussolini declares: “I know that millions and millions of Italians suffer from an evil and that is called the evil of Africa. In order to cure it, there is not but one means, return there. And we will return there [...] Italy is immortal. We will win.”» (Kaspi, id., p.346-351).

Laisse: = Laissé (left).

The leopard left in the sky: « FALL OF MUSSOLINI July 25. The session of the Grand Council opens on 24 July 1943, at 17:00 in Palazzo Venezia. It will last until 02:40 in the morning and sometimes become dramatically intense... The Duce renders the military responsible to the failures and defends Germany. Grandi replies with force and eloquence. He accuses the dictatorship, but not the fascism. He nearly comes to question the Duce himself who has accumulated too much responsibilities and is not competent to wage the war. Finally, he reads his order of the day that demands the reinstatement of the ancient constitution, and the restitution to the King of all the responsibilities. The Duce will remain only in charge of the direction of the party. The vote gives 19 votes in favour of the order of the day of Grandi, 7 cons and one abstention... On the next day, 25 July 1943, Mussolini rejects the suggestion from some faithful demanding of him making arrest the 19 persons who have adopted the order of the day of Grandi. At 17:00, he visits the King. The King, comforted with the vote of the Grand Council that serves his purpose, announces to the Duce that he destitutes him of the power and replaces him by Marshal Badoglio. On his coming out, Victor-Emmanuel makes arrest Mussolini who leaves himself to be brought through a back door into an ambulance. The ancient dictator has an allotment of residence first in the island of Ponza, then that of Maddalena whence, on 26 August 1943, he is conducted in a hotel of Gran Sasso, at the altitude of 2,172 meters, in the heart of the Apennines [left in the sky].» (Kaspi, id., p.364-367).

The leopard left in the sky casts a glance, Sees an eagle frolicking around the Sun
: By the expression “around the Sun” is meant the vast extent of the sky in sight: « September 12. Liberation of Mussolini. Mussolini, confined in Gran Sasso [The leopard left in the sky], is liberated by an airborne operation, commanded by the SS captain Skorzeny; « Hearing the roar of the aircraft Mussolini, sitting with his arms folded by the open window of his sitting-room, looked up into the cloud-filled sky [The leopard casts a glance around the Sun] and saw the gliders swooping down [Sees an eagle frolicking] on to the rock immediately in front of the hotel. As the nearest glider came to ground with a crash of tearing canvas and splintering wood, he saw several men fall out of the wrecked fuselage, pick themselves up, and run towards him. At first, although they were less than thirty yards from the hotel door, he could not see who they were; but then he saw that one of them was an Italian officer, who was shouting at the top of his voice to the stupefied carabinieri, ‘Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!’ ‘Don’t fire!’ Mussolini himself shouted through the open window. ‘There’s an Italian general there, Everything’s all right!’» (Hibbert, 1965, p.262-263).

The Duce is conducted in Munich, then, on 14 September, in the headquarters of Hitler. Hitler, in the course of long conversation, persuades him to return to the active political life
. The former dictator announces, on 15 September, that he directs again the fascism and he nominates Pavolini secretary of the party. On 18 September, speaking on the radio of Munich, he affirms his fidelity to the German alliance, lays the blame on the king Victor-Emmanuel and Badoglio and proclaims Republic.» (Kaspi, id., p.377); « ... He was imprisoned, but was rescued from the Apennines by German parachutists (September 12th, 1943) and set up a Republican Fascist Government which administered German-occupied northern Italy.» (Palmer, p.195); « 1943 SEPTEMBER 12 Secret WarMUSSOLINI RESCUED by Skorzeny and SS detachment from Gran Sasso in Abruzzi Mts. Ex-Duce flown out in Storchaircraft.» (Argyle, 1980, p.140).
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