§852 Hitler’s birth in Austria, WWI and WWII (1889-1945): VIII-79.

VIII-79 (§852):

He who, born in Pannonia, shall lose his father by war,
Shall make her conceiving anew Gorgon’s blood,
In a foreign land shall do everything to hush,
Who shall burn himself and his graft.

(Qui par fer pere perdra nay de Nonnaire,
De Gorgon sur la fera sang perfetant
En terre estrange fera si tout de taire,
Qui bruslera luy mesme & son entant.)

NOTES: Here is a meaningful remark of interpretation: « Adolf Hitler, born in Austria, ruled Germany, and in the end perished in a bomb cellar in Berlin, probably burned to death.» (Roberts, 1969, p.260).

Nay de Nonnaire: = « born in Austria » (Roberts, id.) = Near the Rhine of the Austrian mountains Shall be born a great of the people having come too late (§800, III-58); Nonnaire [Nonnia/Nonniary], suggestive of a place-name of the birth of a person, is probably an apheresis of Pannonia (Austria). In fact in the quatrains concerning Adolf Hitler or Nazi Germany, the names Pannonia or Pannonians are employed: e.g., III-58 (§800), IX-90 (§810) and V-48 (§824).

Fer (iron): A metonymy for a weapon, a battle or a war; « FER, Métal ductile; Un instrument tranchant. Dans le style oratoire ou poétique, Poignard, épée et, en général, toute arme tranchante; Chaînes (IRON, Ductile metal [literal]; A sharp instrument. In the oratorical or poetic style, A dagger, sword and, in general, every sharp arm [figurative]; Chains).» (Littré). In fact, of 25 usages in all of the term fer in the Prophecies of Nostradamus, 18 are figurative (I-71, I-97, II-5, II-6, II-34, II-46, III-30, III-84, IV-34, IV-35, IV-47, V-2, VI-49, VI-68, VIII-79, IX-51, X-10 and X-65), 5 literal (I-10, I-84, II-24, IX-44 and IX-95) and 2 for chains (I-86 and V-28).

He who, born in Pannonia, shall lose his father by war: Hitler’s fatherland shall lose in WWI (1914-1918), the term pere (father) being unable here to mean the real father of Hitler because he had not died of war but of desease in January 1903 (
HM, № 123, p.C-778); « Hitler, Adolf (1889-1945), born in Braunau-on-the-Inn, Upper Austria; at school in Linz; lived in Vienna 1909-13, absorbing anti-semitic prejudices and ekeing out a miserable existence as a third-rate commercial artist; crossed the frontier and enlisted in the Bavarian infantry, 1914, serving as a Corporal on the Somme and twice gaining the Iron Cross.» (Palmer, p.127); « The Collapse of Empires and the Armistices The end had come with dramatic suddenness, as empires collapsed under internal and external pressures. It took most of the Allied military leaders by surprise. Foch was preparing for a 1919 campaign, but the ever-optimistic Haig had perceived that Germany could be defeated in 1918, and so it proved. As far as the German, Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empires were concerned it was a true Götterdämmerung, a twilight of the gods, or in this case of the imperial demigods which headed these empires: Kaiser Wilhelm II, the Emperor Karl and the Sultan, and their whole, aristocratic and undemocratic systems. The age of populist nationalism and totalitarian dictatorship was about to begin. The Armistice on 11 November ended the fighting between the Allies and Germany, the other ‘Central Powers’ having capitulated earlier: Bulgaria on 29 September, the Ottoman Empire on 30 October and Austria-Hungary on 3 November.» (Chasseaud, 2013, p.280-283).

Perfetant: = « conceiving anew » (Leoni, 1982, p.373).

Gorgon: Symbolizing the inhuman character of Hitler and the Nazis = Grand ennemy de tout le genre humain (the great enemy of all the human race) (§853, X-10); « The Gorgon was one of three snaky-haired sisters, whose ugliness turned the beholder to stone.» (Leoni, id., p.711).

Who Shall make her conceiving anew Gorgon’s blood, In a foreign land shall do everything to hush: « Hitler... In September 1919 he joined a small nationalist group which shortly took the name ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’ (N.S.D.A.P., soon derisively nicknamed ‘Nazi’) and discovered his power of demagogic oratory in open-air tirades in Munich against Jews and the Treaty of Versailles… After the successive failure of three Chancellors in as many years, Hindenburg appointed Hitler on January 30th, 1933, believing that the non-Nazi Vice-Chancellor, Franz von Papen, would curb excesses. Two months later, the Reichstag Fire provided Hitler with the opportunity of establishing a one-party régime, and on June 30th, 1934, he eliminated possible rivals by liquidating the Sturm Abteilungen group of Ernst Roehm and the supporters of Gregor Strasser, at the same time securing von Papen’s resignation. On Hindenburg’s death, Hitler was proclaimed ‘Fuehrer of the German Reich’ (August 2nd, 1934), to whom, as Head of State and Supreme Commander, all officers had to take an oath of loyalty [In a foreign land shall do everything to hush]. On November 5th, 1937, Hitler secretly instructed his commanders to prepare for an expansionist policy abroad, occupying Austria by the Anschluss [graft] of 1938 [Who Shall make her conceiving anew Gorgon’s blood (namely, the Nazi regime established in Austria in addition to Germany)] and Czechslovakia in October 1938 ans March 1939. His demands on Poland led to the Second World War (September 1939), which he considered he had won in the West when German troops entered Paris (June 1940). In 1941 he moved his troops eastward, but in attacking Russia he encountered heavy opposition and personally assumed command in the field on December 19th, 1941...» (Palmer, p.127-128).

Entant: = « greffe (transplant, graft), from the verb enter (to graft).» (Guinard, 2011, p.130).

Who shall burn himself and his graft: Hitler shall make Germany herself and its graft, Austria, burned and destroyed at the last stage of WWII:
« MARCH 23 [1945] Western FrontMONTGOMERY’S 21st ARMY GROUP CROSSES THE RHINE AT WESEL (Op. Plunder): Montgomery issues Order of the Day: ‘21st Army Group will now cross the Rhine. The enemy possibly thinks he is safe behind this great river obstacle… we will show him he is far from safe behind it.’ Monty also isuues ‘no fraternization’ order to his troops.
MARCH 30 Russian FrontDanzig stormed by Rokossovsky’s 2nd Byelorussian Front. Tolbukhin enters Austria. Western Front – Patton issues Order of the Day to US 3rd Army: claims that in 7 weeks it has occupied 14,484 sq km of Germany, taken 3,072 inhabited places, killed or wounded 99,000, taken 140,000 prisoners and eliminated 2 German armies.
APRIL 3 Russian Front – Tolbukhin captures Wiener Neustadt.
APRIL 13 Western Front – Patton captures Jena. Russian FrontVIENNA CAPTURED by Tolbukhin’s 3rd Ukrainian Front.
APRIL 14 Western FrontARNHEM CAPTURED BY BRITISH FORCES. Germans offer fierce resistance and demolish bridge before retreating. Patton captures Bayreuth.
APRIL 16 Russian FrontZHUKOV OPENS OFFENSIVE ON BERLIN. Western Front – Canadians take Gröningen; Americans enter Nuremberg.
APRIL 18 Western Front
– 370,000-strong Army Group B. surrenders in Ruhr ‘Pocket’.
APRIL 19 Russian Front – Russians secure bridgehead across R. Neisse and push towards Dresden. Western Front – US 1st Army captures Leipzig. 7th Army troops break through medieval walls of Nuremberg and eliminate fanatical SSgarrison.
APRIL 20 Western Front – ‘Stars and Stripes’ raised over rostrum of Nuremberg Stadium – scene of Nazi Party rallies.
APRIL 21 Russian Front
BATTLE OF BERLIN [the columns of wood a huge tremble]. ZHUKOV’S TROOPS ENTER SUBURBS. Konev attacks North of Dresden. Western Front – French occupy Stuttgart.
APRIL 22 Russian Front – Battle of Berlin: Russians capture Weissensee district. Hitler decides to remain in Berlin. Western Front – US 7th Army captures bridge over Danube at Dillingen. Patton drives towards Regensburg.
APRIL 23 Russian FrontFrankfurt-on-Oder captured by Zhukov.
APRIL 24 Russian Front – Battle of Berlin: Konev’s and Zhukov’s troops link up in South suburbs. Western Front – British reach Bremen.
APRIL 25 Russian Front – Battle of Berlin: Zhukov and Konev forces near Potsdam to complete their ‘iron ring’ around the city.
APRIL 26 Russian/Western FrontRUSSIAN AND AMERICAN FORCES LINK UP at Torgau on the Elbe. Western Front – Battle of Berlin: Dahlem and Siemensstadt districts captured. Port of Stettin falls.
APRIL 27 Russian Front – Battle of Berlin: Russians capture suburbs of Potsdam, Spandau and Rathenow; central districts of Neukölln and Tempelhof. Western FrontBremen captured by British forces.
APRIL 29 Russian Front – Battle of Berlin: Hitler marries Eva Braun and dictates ‘Political Testament’.
APRIL 30 Russian Front – Battle of Berlin: Hitler and Eva Braun commit suicide in Führerbunker beneath Reichs Chancellery, Berlin, at 3.30 pm. Cremated with burning petrol in Chancellery Garden. Russian artillery bombards Chancellery; advancing infantry now only 2 blocks away. Western FrontMunich captured by US 7th Army.
MAY 1 Russian Front – Battle of Berlin: Goebbels and wife Magda poison their 6 children before committing suicide. Home Front: Germany DÖNITZ ANNOUNCES DEATH OF HITLER (‘fighting in Berlin’); becomes second Führer of the Reich.
MAY 2 Russian Front/ Western FrontSTALIN ANNOUNCES FALL OF BERLIN in Order of the Day No. 359: ‘Troops of the 1st Byelorussian Front, commanded by Marshal Zhukov... have today May 2 completely captured Berlin... hotbed of German aggressions.’ MAY 4 Western FrontSURRENDER OF ALL GERMAN FORCES IN NW. GERMANY, HOLLAND AND DENMARK to Field Marshal Montgomery at ceremony on Lüneberg Heath (surrender effective from 8 am, May 5).
MAY 7 DiplomacyUNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF GERMANY. General Jodle signs instrument of surrender at 2.41 am in schoolroom at Rheims.» (Argyle, 1980, p.180-185).
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