§863 The triple alliance of Japan, Germany and Italy vs. the League of Nations (1933-1941): V-85:

V-85 (§863):

By the Germans and surrounding regions,
Shall be in war because of clouds:
A camp marine locusts and gnats,
Of Leman the faults shall be fully disclosed.

(Par les Sueves & lieux circonvoisins,
Seront en guerre pour cause des nuees:
Camp marine locustes & cousins,
Du Leman faultes seront bien desnuees.)

NOTES: By the Germans and surrounding regions, Shall be in war (Par les Sueves & lieux circonvoisins, Seront en guerre): In this sentence without its formal subject in relation to the principal verb “Shall be (seront)”, the adverbial prepositional phrase: “By the Germans and surrounding regions” offers its actual substitute. Then, it can be said that “The Germans and surrounding regions shall be in war”. This type of sentence is familiar in the Prophecies of Nostradamus (e.g. IV-25, VIII-18, X-87).

Les Sueves: = The Germans = “Sueve” (§500, I-61): « Provoked by the Hunnish push which breaks in 375 the Ostrogothic empire, the Germanic invasions unfurl in four waves upon the Roman Empire. The first, that of the Visgoths, leaps over the Danube in 376, beats the emperor Valens who is killed at Adrianople in 378 and attains finally Aquitaine in 418. The second, that of the Vandals, the Sueves (Suèves) and the Alans, rushed upon Gaul on December 31, 406, across the Rhine… » (Duby, p.37); « Nostradamus designates here by a historical metaphor Hitler’s conquest of France and his Reich equally ephemeral.» (Ionescu, 1976, p.488).

Desnuees: = stripped naked; « dénuer. To deprive (of); Se dénuer, to strip oneself bare.» (Dubois).

Because of clouds… Of Leman the faults shall be fully disclosed: « The expression “caput inter nubile condit (He thrust his head in the clouds)”, it is referring to a person with nebulous, fantastic and Utopian thoughts. Mussolini wanted to resurrect the glory of the ancient Rome. It was a great ideal. In Germany appeared a doctrine of the most developed race, an equally magnificent idea. Nostradamus seems to think of these nebulous ideas that shall be the profound causes of wars. It is remarkable that Nostradamus reproaches not only the Nazism [les Sueves] and the Fascism [lieux circonvoisins] for their recrudescence of these Utopian dreams, but also the Great Powers who founded the League of Nations, not for their spirit of justice, but for their scheme of world government, which could keep the other countries under control. “Of Leman the faults shall be fully disclosed” does he say in conclusion, in showing us that he did know very well the underthought of this international organization and its result in the end.» (Ionescu, id., p.487-488).

A camp: = A camp, a belligerent, of the Triple Alliance, namely Japan in addition to Germany (les Sueves) and Italy (lieux circonvoisins). By the way, this word cannot signify “battle (bataille)” as Ionescu pretends so (Ionescu, id., p.489).

Marine locusts: = Carrier-borne aircraft, “locusts” being such flying insects as fly once with a leap by means of their long hind legs to land relatively at once, which images “carrier-borne aircraft”. By the way, the adjective “marins (marine)”, plural in French, cannot qualify the word “camp”, singular in French, as Ionescu pretends so, but “locustes (locusts)”, plural in themselves. 

Gnats (Cousins): = Landplanes, “gnats” being such flying insects as can keep flying for a long time, which images landplanes. Ionescu interpreted “cousins” as “mosquitoes living near the waterside” = hydroavions, hydroplanes (Ionescu, id., p.489). But ‘hydroplane mother ships’ were at the period of the WWI and completely replaced by aircraft carriers in the WWII (cf. EH, IV, p.1038; V, p.345).

A camp marine locusts and gnats: The key question is to which country does the carrier-borne aircraft in the quatrain belong. Now, in the period of the WWII, the powers that could afford the operational usage of aircraft carriers were limited to three, namely the UK, the USA and Japan (cf. EH, V, p.345), of these Japan is to be featured here because she had left the League of the Nations in 1933 like Germany in 1933 and Italy in 1937, whereas the UK and the USA supported it.

In fact, the featuring of Japan in WWII by the comment of “carrier-borne aircraft” is very persuasive as to the opening stage of the War: « Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941 … Vice-Admiral Nagumo Chuichi’s Japanese aircraft carrier task force left Kure under strict radio silence in November, vanishing into the Pacific. A fleet of thirty-one ships, including six carriers, sailed 1,000 miles (1,609 km), undetected, refueling from tankers at sea, to arrive within flying range of Hawaii.» (Grant, 2011, p.824); « … Although there had been no declaration of war, Japanese carrier-borne aircraft attacked Pearl Harbour early on Sunday, December 7th, 1941. Within less than two hours, the Japanese had sunk or disabled 19 ships (including 5 battleships), destroyed 120 aircraft and killed 2,400 people. The Japanese force had gathered in the Kurile Islands and had pu to sea on November 26th. Congress declared war on Japan on December 8th; Germany and Italy, Japan’s allies, declared war on the U.S.A. on December 11th. The American naval losses at Pearl Harbour gave an initial advantage to Japanese sea-power.» (Palmer, p.215); « The Japanese losses were 29 aircraft, 5 midget submarines and 64 people. This Japanese operation proved the air supremacy over naval vessels and gave a start to the air covered sea battles thereafter.» (EH, VII, p.940).

On the other hand, the word “cousins (gnats)” seems to refer to the Sea Battle off Malaya on December 10th, 1941: « 1940 Sep: 27th, Germany, Italy and Japan sign ten-year economic and military pacts.» (Williams, 1968, p.574); « When Germany knocked France out, the Japanese demanded and got airfields in Indo-China [in September 1940]: that provoked the first American economic sanctions. At this stage only the army definitely wanted war. In 1941 Indo-China was occupied, and on 28 July America applied total sanctions, including oil. That, in effect, brought the matter to a head.» (Johnson, 1991, p.391); “ Sinking of Force Z: As relations with Japan deteriorated in late 1941, the British government decided to send naval reinforcements (“Force Z”) to Singapore to deter Japanese action. Two battleships, the Prince of Wales and Repulse, were sent but a planned aircraft carrier did not go. The admiral in charge was one of the least air-minded in the Royal Navy; he made a blundering attempt, without air cover, to intercept Japanese landing forces off Malaya. Instead, on 10 December, the British ships were tracked down and sunk with little difficulty by Japanese land-based aircraft.” (Sommerville, id., p.80); « Prince of Wales and Repulse 10 December 1941 … Japan’s war plan included an invasion of northeast Malaya – controlled by Britain – from bases in the occupied French colony of Indo-China. This attack began simultaneously with the Pearl Harbor strike, early on 8 December Malaysian time. Later that day, Force Z set out to attack the invaders, but was soon spotted by the Japanese. On the morning of 10 December, the Royal Navy ships were attacked by land-based bombers and torpedo aircraft operating from Indo-China. The British commander, Admiral Sir Tom Philips, was keeping radio silence, unwisely assuming that his colleagues in Malaya would work out where he was heading and supply air cover. Instead, the Japanese aircraft attacked unhindered, especially after a lucky hit right at the start of the action cut Prince of Wales’s speed and disabled most of its antiaircraft capability…» (Grant, 2011, p.826).
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