§ 618.Monarchy of July; Advent of Louis-Napoleon

19th century:
§618. Monarchy of July and Advent of Louis-Napoleon (1830; 1848; 1859): VI-16.

That which shall be carried away from the young Milve,
By the Normans of France & Picardy:
The king and the prince of the temple in the place of Negresilve
Shall lodge and fire in Lombardy.

(Ce que ravy sera du jeune Milve,
Par les Normans de France & Picardie:
Les noirs du temple du lieu de Negresilve
Feront aulberge & feu de Lombardie.)

Keys to the reading:
Ce que: = Ce qui;

Milve: Lat. mīluus, faucon (falcon, hawk) (TanakaH). Cf. §45,V-45: nez de milve (a nose of a falcon);

The young Milve: The young falcon named Milve = §602, IV-85: aubereau (= hobereau, a small falcon: ) = §601, IX-35: le Myrmidon (a child of miracle as a Myrmidon, a human being transformed from an ant) = the duke of Bordeaux born in 1820 (Torné-Chavigny, 1860, p.12-13) ;

the Normans of France & Picardy: the d'Orleans, whose domain of family is found at Eu, the only city of Normandy and Picardy (Torné-Chavigny, id.);

Les noirs: the kings. Cf. §602, IV-85: The white carbon of the black: the legitimate king (= the duke of Angoulême) of the king (= Charles X), Black (Noir) and Carbon (= Black) meaning King (Noir = an anagram of Roi leaving N) and White (= the white flag of the French royal family) the legitimacy (Torné-Chavigny, 1861, p.257);

the temple: = mostly means France in Nostradamus (Torné-Chavigny, 1860, p.13). Cf. §635,VIII-53;

Negresilve: la Forêt-Noire (the Black Forest) (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.14). Cf. §45,V-45: silve: Silvestrie, forêt (Godefroy).

the place of Negresilve: Arenenberg in Thurgau, Switzerland, at the south shore of the lake of Untersee, source of the Rhine. This district is situated at the south-east border of the Black Forest.

The king of the temple (= of France) in the place of Negresilve: Louis-Napoleon, who named Arenenberg, where his mother, the exiled Hortense de Beauharnais, the daughter of ex-Empress Josephine and spouse of Louis Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon Ist, had bought her residence in 1817, his second fatherland (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.12);

aulberge: = auberge (inn), « l » being recovered sometimes in the 16th century by law clerks (basochiens), notwithstanding the finished transliteration of the « l » (cf. Italian « albergo » ) into the French « u » (cf. Lemesurier, 1997, p.101; Brunot & Bruneau, p.18-19). But it is more true that the word auberge comes from héberger (to lodge, to camp, in speaking of an army) (Bloch & Wartburg).

The reign of France having been carried away from a child named Milve (hawk) by the d'Orleans, whose domain of family is found at Eu, the only city of Normandy and Picardy, the new sovereign Louis-Napoleon with his prince, who named Arenenberg near the Black Forest, where was his private domain while in exile, his second fatherland, shall lodge his expedition in Lombardy and fire there, in order to support the unification movement of Italy conducted by Sardinia (cf. §619, IX-5).
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