§ 632. Remorse of Louis-Philip

19th century:
§632. Remorse of Louis-Philip in his last moments (1850. 8. 26): IX-8.

The king-made next-born his father shall put to death,
After the very dishonest fatal conflict:
Documents appearing a suspicion shall cause remorse,
When the chased wolf lies in his bed.

(Puisnay Roy fait son pere mettra à mort,
Apres conflit de mort tres inhoneste:
Escrit trové soubson donra remort,
Quand loup chassé pose sus la couchette.)

Keys to the reading:
Next-born (puisnay): = the next-born of §598, VI-95: By the detractor [= Louis-Philip] calumny made upon the next born, and of §602, IV-85: the next-born shall stitch the eyelids of his falcon together, the duke of Bordeaux, who was born after the death of his father, duke of Berry, and presumptive successor in principle to the duke of Angoulême, his uncle, successor to Charles X;

His father: for his grandfather in the second sense of père (father in French);

Dishonest: For Louis-Philip. Cf. §591, IV-45: In the conflict against the liberal party the king Charles X shall abandon the sceptre to the duke of Bordeaux, his grandson. The most reverend leader of the Bourbons, the duke of Orleans, shall miss the hope of the one in need;

Documents appearing: « The wolf was chased and lying in his bed of death. Just at this moment appeared several documents concerning the fusion of the two branches of the Bourbons. Louis-Philip suspected that the future of the people and of his family will be in the sincere return to the divine right of the kings, and he reproached himself for his past conduct against the next-born made king put to political death.» (Torné-Chavigny, 1861,p.264-265)

Wolf: Louis-Philip, the term loup in French having in itself lou of Louis and p of Philip, this use for Louis-Philip found twice (here and §604, V-4) in the Centuries, and the other 4 uses of loup being for the constable of France Anne de Montmorency (§20, II-82; §22, III-33) and for the colonialist powers (X-98; X-99).

« The last child of the duke of Berry, made king, shall be instantly deprived of his political life by the lack of foresight of Charles X, his grandfather, after the conflict fatal for the elder branch of the Bourbons because of the infamous betrayal of the duke of Orleans. This last, the wolf of 1830, chased from the throne and lying in the bed of death, in reading the documents of the fusionists and in expecting the judgments of God, taken by remorse, shall demand to the mother of his grandson to recognize the rights of the duke of Bordeaux.» (Torné-Chavigny, 1861,p.264)

« Everyone knelt down, but far enough from the bed as what the dying said to the abbot Guelle not to be heard. The confession completed, absolution received, the king turned, and, always with the same cheerfulness: - Well! Now, there you are tranquil. Amelie. - Yes, sir, replied the queen, for now I hope, if God grants me such a good end as yours, we will leave for but a moment, and soon we will be together in the eternity. The king then asked to be alone with the duchess of Orleans, they were left alone and the conversation lasted nearly an hour, nobody was present at the interview, only it is presumed he had intended to break the reluctance that the duchess seemed to feel for the fusion system. What, the king living, was of the policy, was-it not in the dying king a remorse (Al. Dumas (II, 293), cité Torné-Chavigny, id.,p.265)
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