§ 645. The attempt on the Emperor by Orsini (2)

19th century:
§645. The attempt on the Emperor by Orsini (2): V-9.

Till the depth the grand marquee demolished,
By the chief the friend anticipated and arrested:
Shall be born of a lady hairy foreheads and faces,
Then a leader caught by death because of his ingenuity.

(Jusques aux fonz la grand arq demolue,
Par chef captif l’amy anticipé:
Naistra de dame front face chevelue,
Lors par astuce duc à mort attrape.)

Keys to the reading:
The grand marquee: That of the Opera in Paris;

Demolu: = Démoli, to rhyme with chevelu;

The chief: The chief of the police (Torné-Chavigny, 1860, p.44);

The friend: That of Orsini’s;

A lady: «Personification of the Liberty» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.47);

Attrape: = Attrapé.

Till the depth the grand marquee demolished: « With the first explosions, a number of burners of gas light illuminating the frontage of the theatre had been extinguished by the only effect of the commotion. The glasses of the vestibule and those of the neighboring buildings had almost all flown in pieces. The vast marquee protecting the entrance was perforated in several places notwithstanding its extreme solidity.» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.45)

By the chief the friend anticipated and arrested: « Only a few minutes before the attempt, the officer of security Hébert performed the arrestation of the accused Pieri in the street of Lepelletier, near that of Rossini. Expelled from France in 1852, marked out since before two weeks by the dispatch of the French minister in Brussels as having with certainty arrived in Paris on January 9th, accompanied by another person, intending to assassinate the Emperor, Pieri was actively searched out by the police.» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.45)

Shall be born of a lady hairy foreheads and faces: «One knows that the socialists have long beard and hair as their mark of rally.» (Torné-Chavigny, id., p.47),

Then a leader caught by death: « The criminal did not ask mercy for himself; he asked freedom for his unhappy country. He did not go so far as to demand that the blood of Frenchmen should be shed for the Italians, but only that France should interdict the support of Austria by Germany. Orsini and his accomplices were condemned to death on the 26th of February. Orsini was executed on the 14th of March, with one of his accomplices.» (HH, XIII, p.133).

Because of his ingenuity: « It was the first attack by a chemical explosive, produced an impression of horror and exasperation.» (Seignobos, 1921a, p.275)

As to the case of Orsini, cf. §633(VIII-43), §634(IV-65), §644(V-8), §646(V-10).
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