§ 647. The incident of the Cagliari

19th century:

§647. The incident of the Cagliari (1857.6.25): V-44.


By sea the red shall be taken by the pirates,                             

The peace shall be troubled by means of this:

The indignation and the avaricious shall compromise himself by a feigned act.

Of the grand Pontiff the army shall be doubled.


(Par mer le rouge sera prins des pyrates, 

La paix sera par son moyen troublee:

L’ire & l’avare commettra par fainct acte

Au grand Pontife sera l’armee doublee.)        


Keys to the reading:
The red
: The Cagliari, a steamboat of a Piedmontese company Rubattino (Rubor, red - Wailly), under the pavilion of Victor-Emmanuel, departing from Genoa on the evening of June 25th 1857 and carrying the reds (revolutionaries) in order to revolt against the kingdom of Naples (Torné-Chavigny, 1870, p.48-50; Vignois, 1910, p.248);


Taken by the pirates: The Cagliari pretended to have fallen to the reds during its periodic journey to Cagliari ant to Tunis, nevertheless it was discovered in the territorial sea of Naples, seized and brought to Naples by two frigates of Naples, and sequestered and its captain, crew and passengers were imprisoned (id.);


The indignation: Of Naples and of England claiming indemnities for its nationals arrested on board (id.).



The peace shall be troubled by means of this: This manœuver caused the trouble between Sardinia, champion of Italian unification, and Naples, Italian Bourbon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  And the avaricious shall compromise himself by a feigned act: « Criminal trial of the Cagliari: March 1st 1858, Salerno: They distributed arms and munitions which were discovered in abundance on board, without having been noticed by the vigilance of the customs of Genoa, nor by the administration of the Company of Sardinian steams, nor by the crew of the Cagliari, in announcing to them that the revolution was in Calabria…» (Torné-Chavigny, id.); « The Cagliari was under the pavilion of Victor-Emmanuel. If the vessel had been able to return to Genoa instead of being sequestered, the king of Sardinia would not have disavowed any more the insurgents on board.» (Vignois, id.). « Constitutionnel, May 1st 1858: The English government made that of Sardinia know… It sholud be a great calamity for Sardinia to want to constrain by the armed forces the government of Naples to obey her. It would produce probably a European war, whose extension and end to foresee would be impossible.» (Torné-Chavigny, id.).


Of the grand Pontiff the army shall be doubled: « During the process, the organization of the pontifical Zouaves furnished the second army to the Pontiff, already protected by the French occupation army.» (Vignois, id.). « 1850 Apr: 12th, French troops restore Pius IX and garrison Rome; Pius revokes the Constitution.» (Williams, 1968, p.214).


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