§ 591.Charles X abdicates in favor of the duke of Bordeaux

19th century:
§591. Charles X abdicates in favor of the duke of Bordeaux, the duke of Orleans missing his hope (1830): IV-45.

In the conflict against the liberal party the king Charles X shall abandon the sceptre to the duke of Bordeaux, his grandson.
The most reverend leader of the Bourbons, the duke of Orleans, shall miss the hope of the one in need.
The Swiss troops belonging to the king shall suffer mortal defeat, few of them escaping.
All of the legitimists in distress, the only one shall be the testifier of the event.

(Par conflit roy, regne abandonnera,
Le plus grand chef faillira au besoing:
Mors profligés peu en rechapera,
Tous destranchés, un en sera tesmoing.)

Keys to the reading:
Profligés: = Mis en déroute (In rout, defeated); « Plofliger: = profligo, mettre en déroute (to put to rout, to defeat).» (Torné-Chavigny, 1862, p.30).

The only one: the duke of Bordeaux.

destranchés: destrance, détresse (Godefroy).

The Swiss troops belonging to the king suffered mortal defeat, few of them escaping (cf. HH, XIII, p.47). «Charles X had finally abdicated in favour of a child, the duke de Bordeaux. His was a strange destiny. He, whom the royalists called Henry V, was only to reign for one day and that at the age of ten ! The old king was convinced that the duke of Orleans had only accepted the "lieutenancy of the kingdom" for the purpose of re-establishing legitimate authority in the person of Henry V. The duke found himself in a difficult position between the revolutionists who had offered him a throne, and Charles X, to whom he owed so much ! Very opportunely, owing to an alarm raised in Paris, on the 3rd of August a little band of Parisians marched on Rambouillet. It was a strange jumble of national guards, volunteers, stutents with soldiers' belts over their black coats, workmen wearing helmets, many of them in omnibuses or cabs chartered for the occasion. This disorderly troop set out on a march of forty-five miles without victuals and quite unprepared for any emergency. At the same time the duke of Orleans sent Marshal Maison, Schonen, and Odilon Barrot to Rambouillet. He had given the Parisians to understand that Charles X mignt prove dangerous, and he warned Charles X that sixty thousand Parisians were marching against him, and that he had better provide for his safety. Thus he got rid of the old king. Charles X and his family were accompanied as far as Cherbourg by his cousin's three envoys. Thence he went into exile where the elder branch of the Bourbons was to die out. On the 9th of August, 1830, the duke of Orleans was solemnly proclaimed king under the name of Louis Philippe I, king of the French.» (HH, XIII, p.49-50). All of the legitimists in distress, the only one shall be the testifier of the event of usurpation; in fact, the duke of Bordeaux shall never give up his right to be the legitimate pretender to the throne as Henry V.
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