§680. Italian unity and translation of the capital (1871.2.1): VII-8.

VII-8 (§680):

Florence ! Fly with your title of the capital of Italy from the Romans,
Your nearest compatriots, who shall come to deprive you of the title.
In Fiesole shall be a conflict:
Blood shed, the most upper people taken by troops,
Neither churches nor ladies shall be forgiven.

(Flora, fuis, fuis le plus proche Romain,
Au Fesulan sera conflict donné:
Sang espandu les plus grands prins à main,
Temple ne sexe ne sera pardonné.)

NOTES: The solution is given by Vignois (1910, p.316).

Fesulan: Fiesole in Etruria, 6 km north-east of Florence.

À main: By troops, by force.

“ The war of Italy gave numerous vicissitueds to the city of Florence. First of all there was a popular riot in the beginning of the war [1849]; then it took place the annexation of Tuscany to the kingdom of Italy [1860]; in 1864, Florence became the capital of the new kingdom; at last, in 1871, she had to yield her title to Rome. It was in the territory of the grand duke that the first conflict was provoked; then the other princes of Italy, victims of maneuvers of Piedmont or of revolts where blood was shed, fell by turns. Everywhere the properties of the Church were confiscated and the religious thrown in the streets.” (id.).
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