§686. Collapse of the Second Empire (1870-1871): III-12.

III-12 (§686):

Because of the tumor of the Ebro, the Po, the Tagus, the Tiber and the Rhone,
And for Lake Leman and a Tuscan,
The two great chiefs and the cities of the Garonne taken,

The dead, the drowned. They shall share the human booty.


(Par la tumeur de Heb. Po, Tag. Timbre, & Rosne

Et par l’estang Leman & Aretin,

Les deux grans chefs & cites de Garonne

Prins, morts, noies. Partir humain butin.)


NOTES: The solution is basically given by Torné-Chavigny (1870 [24 avril 1871], p.258), followed by Vignois (1910,p.287): “ By the rise of the revolutionary flood in Spain, in Piedmont, Lombardy and Venetia, in Portugal, in the pontifical states and in France, in the 19th century, by the overflowing of the works of Voltaire written on the border of Lake Leman, and those of Rousseau, born in Geneva, in the 18th century, and by the pamphlets of Peter of Arezzo [1492-1556], the Scourge of Princes, composed in the 16th century, Napoleon III and his son were deprived of their power, declared fallen, ruined to the ground by the Assembly of Bordeaux.”


The tumor of the Ebro: The Franco-German affair of the succession to the throne of Spain (June – July, 1870).


The tumor of the Tagus: “ Saldanha, objecting to the Duke of Loulé, compels his dismissal (1870) and forms a ministry. He is soon after sent as ambassador to England.” (HH, X, p.642).


The tumor of the Po, of the Tiber: The completion of Italian unification on the Piedmontese intiative (October 1870).


The tumor of the Rhone: “ In Lyons, the Republicans, without waiting for the example of Paris, on September 4th, invaded the Town-Hall and formed a ‘Committee of public security’ which declared the Empire fallen and proclaimed the Republic.” (Seignobos, 1921b, p.248)..


Aretin: From “ ARETINI, peoples of Italy, who inhabited Etruria (Tuscany).” (Bescherelle).


The cities of the Garonne taken: The Second Empire replaced by the Third Republic through the Assembly of Bordeaux watered by the Garonne (March 1st, 1871.) (cf. Seignobos, id., p.287-288).


The dead, the drowned: The French victims in Paris by the German bombardment (January 5th – 26th, 1871) (cf. Seignobos, id., p.276-278), this expression being to be referred to that of “ the dead, the drowned by the big strokes [of German artillery] (morts, noyes de coup de taille)” of the quatrain II-26 (§691) dealing with the same subject.


They shall share the human booty: “ [February 1871] There were then in Germany nearly 400 000 French prisoners, without counting the army in Paris, and 100 000 French soldiers interned in Switzerland or in Belgium.” (Seignobos, id., p.278).


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