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§903 Trilogy of the case of JFK (2) (1963.11.22): VIII-73.

A barbarous soldier shall strike the great King,
Being not distant from his unjust death,
The avaricious mother shall be the cause and conspirator of the deed
And the government in a great wrench.

(Soldat Barbare le grand Roy frappera,
Injustement non eslongné de mort,
L’avare mere du fait cause sera
Conjurateur & regne en grand remort.)

A barbarous soldier
: The only formally accused Lee Harvey Oswald, once a marine of US Army, “barbarous” meaning in Nostradamus in this usage “cruel, uncivilized”. This person cannot be, in this context, a true culprit, but an innocent, for the second verse will say: Being not distant from his unjust death, which refers to the death of Oswald two days after the assassination of Kennedy caused through a shot by Jack Ruby, a member of a syndicate in Chicago.

The great King: The President John F. Kennedy = The great one (§902,VI-37) = A King (§904;VIII-74).

A barbarous soldier shall strike the great King: This is a kind of formal mention of Nostradamus arranged for the Warren Commission report.

The avaricious mother: The most important and enlightening of the key words in our trilogy, this expression, being far from Ionescu’s ‘avara meretrix (avaricious prostitute)’ (cf. §902, VI-37), is to be interpreted according to the general use of the word ‘mother’ in the Prophecies of Nostradamus. In fact, the word ‘mother (mere = mère)’ is used four times (III-16, IV-7, VII-11, X-55) in the proper sense and twice (V-73, VIII-75) in the figurative, excepting the use here (VIII-73), the latter being also immediately based upon the former: thus, all these usages have a referential term to be compared with the term ‘mother’: for example,

III-16 (§298): ‘sa mere (his mother)’, i.e. the mother of Charles II.
IV-7 (§621): ‘sa mere (his mother)’, i.e. the mother of Napoleon II.
VII-11 (§154): ‘la mere (the mother)’, i.e. the mother of ‘l’enfant Royal (the Royal child = Duke of Anjou).
X-55 (§72) : ‘mary & mere (a husband & a mother)’, i.e. the husband of Mary Stuart (François II) and his mother (Catherine de Médicis).
V-73 (§201) : ‘l’enfant la mere mettra nud en chemise’ (the mother shall make the naked child put on shirts).
VIII-75 (§954) : ‘la mere à Tours du filz ventre...’ (the mother in Tours of the son belly...).

But, the quatrain under analysis has no such explicit referential term, which should be interpolated, and probably the term ‘regne (government = the central Government)’ is to be considered as a counterpart of ‘the mother’. In such a context, the Government is ‘the father of the nation’, the nation being the children. So, ‘the mother of the nation as compared with the Government as its father is naturally represented by a sector of the nation that affords ‘goods, conveniences, protection and security’ for the nation, i.e. the sector of Military-Industrial Complex. And, in fact, the Military-Industrial Complex in USA was fiercely contrary to the pacifist New Frontier Policy of the Kennedy administration (cf. Ochiai, 1979, p.224; 2013, p.301).

This is the key argument that supports the hypothesis of an intestine confrontation as to the case and at the same time destroys the theory of the Russian communist complot by V. Ionescu (1987, p.430-440).

Remort: “s.m. Déchirement (Tearing, rending), blessure (hurt)” (Godefroy). This word is different from ‘remors, remords’, and Ionescu’s reading as ‘timor in Latin (peur, effroi, panique)’ is completely irrelevant.

The avaricious mother shall be the cause and conspirator of the deed And the government in a great wrench: The eventual reading of the lines 3-4: “The avaricious mother shall be the cause of the deed And the conspirator and the government in a great wrench” is to be rejected, because ‘the conspirator’ is considered to have succeeded in lacerating (déchirer) the government in power.

And the government in a great wrench: The Kennedy administration in its essential constitution was utterly destroyed by the assassination of the President, for the Vice-president Johnson, in taking over the presidency, made a new government of the belligerent caracter, who did not hesitate to precipitate itself into the Vietnam War.
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