§678. Italian unity accomplished; Self-seclusion of the Pontiff (1870): II-93.

II-93 (§678):

Just near the Tiber presses the Libytine:
A little before a great inondation:
The chief of the vessel taken, put into the bilge:
The castle, the palace in a serious trouble.

(Biens pres du Tymbre presse la Libytine:
Un peu devant grand inundation:
Le chef du nef prins, mis a la sentine:
Chasteau, palais en conflagration.)

NOTES: « II-93 (September 20, 1870) The end of the Pontifical States: After the battle of Sedan the French withdraw their garrison from the ecclesiastical state. On September 20, 1870, the Italian nationalists attack the city of the Pope, after they had effected a breach in the Porta Pia. The Pope since then considered himself as a prisoner in the Vatican. And the Tiber flooded, to be sure, in December 1970.» (Centurio, 1953, p.67).

The Libytine
(la Libytine): = Lat. Libitīna, goddess of funerals, death (TanakaH), connoting at the same time « Libyciens; anciens habitants de la Gaule cisalpine (Libycians, ancient habitants of northern Italy).» (Landais).

Inundation:= Inondation, a familiar symbol of Nostradamus for revolution, revolt, invasion. Cf. §338,III-70 (American Independence War), §914,IV-71 (Vietnamese War), nearly identical with Deucalion (§657,X-6; §672,II-81).

Just near the Tiber presses the Libytine: The Piedmontese (the troops of the kingdom of Italy) attacking Rome with the result of ending the temporal power of the Pontiff in Rome in 1870.

A little before a great inondation [in 1870]: The chief of the vessel taken, put into the bilge: The castle, the palace in a serious trouble: Rome taken by the Italian army [a great inondation] and a little later [in 1871] the Chief of the Church put himself into the depths of the Vatican, where [The castle, the palace] reigns a serious trouble facing the unheard-of situation. “ With the political upheavals that followed the creation of the Roman republic in 1849 and then the kingdom of Italy in 1860, which incorporated Rome as its capital in 1870, the temporal princedom of the papacy shrank to the Vatican and its immediate environs, and thus it has remained ever since. The popes had returned to their roots (perforce, it is true), and the way was now clear for the office to exercise a purely spiritual authority unencumbered by the claims of secular government. Not that Pius surrendered quietly to this prospect. Angered by the apparent anti-clericalism of the Italian unification engineered by Camillo Cavour and Giuseppe Garibaldi, Pius declared he was their prisoner and from 1871 confined himself as such to the Vatican.” (Maxwell-Stuart, 2006, p.218).
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