§683. Emperor and Empress in disaccord (1870.8): III-13.

III-13 (§683):

By the thunderbolt in the ark gold and silver melted:
Of the two captives of the city the most extensive,
Each one shall eat the other:
When their army, overwhelmed, shall go on.

(Par foudre en l’arche or & argent fondu:
Des deux captifs l’un l’autre mangera:
De la cité le plus grand estendu,
Quand submergée la classe nagera.)

NOTES: The ark: France where the faithful to the Church should be protected the most diligently from the viewpoint of Nostradamus.

By the thunderbolt in the ark gold and silver melted: France was invaded by the Germans [thunderbolt], who had prepared a modern systematised strong army [suggested by gold and silver] by means of large military budget [gold and silver melted]: “ The main cause of the disparity of France and Germany in 1870 was in truth that Prussia had had from 1862 to 1866 a government so strong as to be able to force upon its subjects its own gigantic scheme of military organisation in defiance of the votes of parliament and of the national will. - Fyffe.” (HH, XIII, p.147).

When their army, overwhelmed, shall go on: This phrase determines the epoch of the events in the quatrain, i.e. the phase of the French army overwhelmed by Germany before its last defeat in September: the battles of August in Alsace and Lorraine. Cf. §671,VIII-11: Near Lunage the great of Valence defeated: In fact, the French was defeated in Wissenburg (August 4), in Spicheren (Aug. 5), in Frœschwiller (Aug. 6), in Forbach (Aug. 6), in Mars-la-Tour and Gravelotte (Aug. 16), in St. Privat-la-Montagne (Aug. 18), and capitulated in Sedan (Sept. 2) and in Metz (Oct. 27), all these places almost in a semicircle being “near Lunéville” as its center, and the whole theater of war in Alsace-Lorraine can be described as a ‘crescent (croissant)’ of the moon (Lune).

The two captives of the city the most extensive: Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenia, both were perseverantly attached to the metropolis of France, the former as its developper and owner that wished to return home facing the overwhelming power of the Germans in the battlefield in the middle of August, the latter as his regent there that refused his return hoping to hold the dynasty above all in favour of her only son, which resulted in the utter defeat of France partly because of the useless influence of the presence of the Emperor in field (cf. Seignobos, 1921b,p.234-235, p.238).
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