20th century:

§809 Tetralogy of Winston Churchill (2) (1940): III-92.

The world approaching the last period,
Saturn still slow shall be in retrogression:
Translated an empire towards a Brodde nation:
The eye uprooted from Narbon by the Surrounding.

(Le monde proche du dernier periode,
Saturne encor tard sera de retour:
Tanslat empire devers nation Brodde:
L’œil arraché à Narbon par Autour.)

NOTES: The last period: Not the last period of the world, but the last period of prophecy. Nostradamus himself says in his quatrain I-48 (§941) that “ Twenty years of the reign of the Moon past,... Then it accomplishes and ends my prophecy. (Vingt ans du regne de la Lune passés,... Lors accomplit & mine ma prophétie.)”, where 20 years of the Moon’s reign is considered to be 2000 years of our Redemption, whose final is 2000 A.D. And also in his quatrain III-97 (§860) he predicts that “ The New law shall occupy the new territories, Towards Syria, Judea, & Palestine: The grand barbarous empire shall collapse, Before Phebe shall have finished its age. ( Nouvelle loy terre neufve occuper vers la Syrie, Judee, & Palestine: Le grand empire barbar, corruer, Avant que Phebés son siecle determine.)”, where it is about the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire; Independent countries in the Middle East (1920 - 1948).
“Phebés” is considered to be “Phebe” (Artemis, Diana: Goddess of the Moon), so the period of the WWII is right approaching the last period of Nostradamus’s prophecy up till 2000 A.D.

Saturn still slow shall be in retrogression: If we pick up among numerous cases of Saturn’s retrogradation the one suiting with the period of the WWII, it will be that from September 1st, 1940, till January 15th, 1941 (31Aug1940: 14♉29; 1Sept1940: 14♉29; 2Sept1940: 14♉28; 15Jan1941: 7♉40; 16Jan1941: 7♉40; 17Jan1941: 7♉41).

Brodde: Gallicization of Ebrodunum (Embrun) (Hautes-Alpes) (Torné-Chavigny, 1861, p.108).

A Brodde nation: The people of the SE France.

Translated an empire towards a Brodde nation: An empire (the Republic of France) is diminished into the SE two-fifths of its metropolitan territory with Vichy as capital, the NW three-fifths of it occupied by Germany since June, 1940, till its total occupation by Germany and Italy in November 1942 (cf. Kaspi, 1980, p.320-321). This event timely links with that of Saturn’s retrogression.

Narbon: = Narbon. (§804, IV-94) = Narbon (§818, VI-56) = Narbon (§822, II-59) = Winston Churchill.

The eye uprooted from Narbon by the Surrounding: ‘Narbon’ being British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, ‘the eye’ is supposed to be London, the capital, which is to be uprooted, namely fircely bombered during the Battle of Britain and the Blitz (cf. §804, IV-94: Narbon. Blyterre, of the Good. contaminated; §805, V-62: Upon the rocks they shall see blood rain). These events (June 1940 – May 1941) also timely link with that of Saturn’s retrogradation. “On 15 September the Germans mounted a massive raid on London in daylight. Fifty-six attackers were lost to 26 defenders. Daylight raids on the capital continued to the end of September but the toll on the bombers was heavy. Bomber Command struck back with a raid on barges and lighters massed for a seaborne invasion and on the 17th Hitler decided to postpone Sealion [a plan of operation for the invasion of England] indefinitely. The last daylight raid was on 30 September from which time German bombers switched to the night ‘Blitz’ on British cities. With Sealion postponed, the Luftwaffe abandoned its attempt to destroy Fighter Command and switched to night attacks on British cities and production centres. London was the prime target and between 7 September and 13 November 1940 there were raids virtually every night. The devastating attack on Coventry on 14 November marked a change of policy from pounding the political target of the capital to long-term strategic attacks on provincial industrial centres, and particularly ports, as an extension of the U-Boat blockade. In the early spring of 1941 the Luftwaffe began a new campaign – between 19 February and 12 May it made 61 attacks, the majority against ports including London. In two raids on 16 and 19 April, well over 2000 people were killed and 140,000 dwellings destroyed. However, as these furious attacks were reaching a climax, the Luftwaffes’s bomber Gruppen were pulling out – heading eastwards under a cloak of secrecy to support another vast Blitzkrieg. By 21 May of the 44 bomber groups that had conducted the blitz on Britain, only four were left. In nine months from 7 September 1940 to the end of May 1941 the Luftwaffe dropped some 46,000 tons of high explosive and 110,000 incendiaries, a total of 54,420 tons of bombs. British casualties amounted to over 40,000 civilian dead, 86,000 seriously injured and 150,000 slightly injured. Two million houses had been destroyed or damaged, 60 per cent of them in London. British industrial production and tonnage moving through the ports was not however seriously affected and internal communications were not disrupted.” (Campbell, 1985, p.55-61).

The Surrounding: Great Britain suffers from German air bombing from three quarters, south, east and north: “ By August Göring had gathered 2800 aircraft, 900 fighters and 1300 bombers grouped in 3 Air Fleets, Kesselring’s Luftflotte II based in northern France, Sperrle’s Luftflotte III based in the Low Countries and Stumpff’s Luftflotte IV based in Norway.” (Campbell, id., p.55).

Moreover, the initial capital ‘A-’ (Autour) suggests some proper name through the French ‘Auteur’ (author), or the Latin auctor (leader) to be identified with ‘Führer’ (Hitler as conductor).

And, in the end, “autour” as a French common name signifies “goshawk”, which represents, of course, German aircraft bombing Britain.
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